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C.R. Kennedy: Machine Control Solutions

In the first article in this series on machine control solutions, we looked at C.R. Kennedy’s range of Leica Geosystems iCON products designed for off-machine use and the manner in which they can be deployed across different operations in the earthmoving and construction industries.

In this second article, we now turn our attention to the Leica range of on-machine solutions, harnessing data to speed up workflows, delivering operational insight and productivity benefits, and ultimately creating more coordinated and efficient worksites.

In particular, we will focus on the Leica range of excavator, dozer and grader machine control solutions.

LEICA MCP80: One Panel, Complete Control

The MCP80 provides one common platform, optimising the machine fleet. Leica delivers an intelligent and intuitive hardware and software combination for the heavy construction industry – the new all-in-one machine control platform consisting of a panel, MCP80, and docking station combined with a new application software, MC1, supports multiple machines for heavy construction.

Simplified and connected solutions for increasing staff productivity on site and unifying design data for seamless workflows are essential to keep margin gains and generate profits. With the all-in-one machine control platform, Leica delivers a unique, intelligent and intuitive hardware and software combination for the heavy construction industry.

Leica’s solution for heavy construction applications offers a unified hardware platform with common software interface across its machine control portfolio. Interchangeable between several heavy construction machines, the MCP80 control unit integrates into the common software platform, MC1, while ConX, the cloud-based and user-friendly productivity platform for increased project efficiency, rounds off Leica’s goal to achieve a digitised construction site.

MCP80 and MC1 features

  • Fully Cable Free
  • Easy Removal Of Panel
  • P67 Environmental Rating
  • One common interface across all 3D machine control applications
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Easy installation and quick setup for operators
  • Rugged design of cradle and panel
  • Docking station with onboard memory
  • One software for all for easier operation

Excavator Solution

From simple slope grading, to blind and submerged cuts, and everything in between, Leica’s versatile machine control solutions provide your excavator operators with design models right in the cab. The easy-to-operate user interface means your operators can jump on it with little training and get optimal results. Grade check without a surveyor with our robotic total station guidance or our GNSS setup for advanced control. And at the end of the day, the core components snap off for maximum security.

LEICA Icon IXE3: The Future Of Excavating

The iXE machine control solution guides the operator using reference models and GNSS in 3D. Design information and real-time cut/ fill indications are displayed in the cab on your control panel, allowing you to rapidly excavate to the reference design. The solution ensures more uptime and operator satisfaction, while increasing safety and productivity. Work with a wide range of popular data formats, including LandXML, DXF, GEO, KOF, L3D, LMD, LIN, MBS and TRM formats. The operator can use the function “Create Model” to make even complex models directly on the panel without leaving the cab and without the assistance of a surveying engineer.

IXE CoPilot: Automatic Tilt Rotator Control

Using the iXE CoPilot, the excavator operator only needs to concentrate on controlling the digging movement (boom, stick and bucket), while the tilt and rotation function of the til rotator is adjusted automatically based on the reference model surface under the bucket.

The operator maintains control of the bucket rotation, allowing the operator to manage material in the bucket properly, but eliminating the constant manual adjustment of the slope of the bucket. Enabling the CoPilot by simply pressing a button simplifies the use of tilt rotators, regardless of training level, reducing operator fatigue.

Dozer Solution

With Leica’s machine control solution for dozers you can tackle any task, from small road excavation jobs, to large industrial sites. Leica’s solutions give the operator proficiency with little training and an easy-to-use, yet

powerful interface. Pair Leica’s flexible solutions with a rotating laser, total station or GNSS to tailor to your needs, and optimise your productivity and workflow on site. Core components can easily be dismounted.

LEICA Icon IGD3/IGD4SP: Intelligent 3D Grading Solution For Dozers

The iGD3 3D dozer solution opens new dimensions in earthmoving and fine grading. It brings the design surfaces and alignments inside the cab. Work independently and accurately anywhere on the project design, guided by GNSS or total station. Benefits of IGD3/IGD4SP

  • User-selectable views (e.g. Plan View, Cut and Fill View)
  • Visible display screen, even in sunlight
  • iGD3 remembers all your settings
  • Scalable from 2D to full 3D capability
  • Create a reference surface with up to four slopes

Grader Solution

With an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn interface your operators will work directly from 3D CAD design models right inside the cab. Real-time cut-and-fill information means fewer passes, less rework and no surveyor needed to check grade.

When you’re done, swap your components to another machine or put them away for safety.

LEICA Icon IGG3/IGG4: Efficient And Flexible Solution

The single or dual GNSS solutions for guided or automatic machine control for motor graders give the operator a huge range of configurations to fulfil any customer need.

Let operators utilise the true potential of their machines for a wider range of applications by moving materials any way they want. Operators can now finish jobs faster with drastically reduced downtime and complete more tasks with their motor grader than ever before.

Benefits of IGG3/IGG4

  • Auto/Manual information directly on screen
  • User-definable views (e.g. Plan View, Cut and Fill View)
  • Visible display screen, even in sunlight
  • Expand your system simply by adding components

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