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C.R. Kennedy introduces Leica Icon site excavator

C.R. Kennedy

C.R. Kennedy is proud to announce the release of Leica Geosystems’ new iCON site excavator system. The versatile machine control solution is designed for compact excavators – a single solution to increase the efficiency and accuracy of small-scale trenching, grading, and earthmoving operations – for the Australian market.

The iCON site excavator system, builds upon the powerful iCON Site platform, allows compact excavator operators to dig to designs easily and precisely, and is available for use both as a standalone option or as an add-on to an existing iCON site GNSS smart rover.

The iCON site excavator introduces three new components to the existing iCON suite, the iCON Excavator application itself, a dual GNSS receiver (the Leica iCON gps 100) and an optional communication device for GNSS corrections (the Leica iCON CR50), encompassing a setup that delivers versatility in tackling a range of applications.

With iCON Site Excavator used as an add-on, it integrates seamlessly with existing iCON site applications, paving the way for benefits from new workflows that combine measuring, stakeout, excavating and reporting.

Leica iCON site excavator features: Optimising earthmoving tasks

The Leica iCON site excavator system supports compact excavators with swing boom, tiltrotator and tilt bucket functions. Across its assorted on and off-machine applications, iCON site with iCON site Excavator is designed for simple setup and ease of use.

Ultimately, this provides greater flexibility and underpins efficient and effective equipment and personnel deployment through enabling operators to optimise earthmoving tasks, with versatility of on machine and off machine options incorporated in a single software.

For instance, across various stages of the workflow, it allows operators to:

  • Measure an area – and create a design (using a field controller unit with a smart antenna)
  • Directly dig – according to the design (using the same field controller in the excavator cab)
  • As-built checks – once completed, use the same system to perform these checks. Other features include:
  • Map-driven – selection and navigation
  • Traffic-light – indication of work results
  • Split-screen functionality – allows different viewing perspectives
  • Digital designs – using the same designs as the big machines in the project ecosystem
  • Leica ConX – integration ensures seamless communication of design updates
C.R. Kennedy
The Leica iCON site excavator system supports compact excavator with swing boom, tiltrotator and tilt bucket functions.

The iCON site excavator can be used in conjunction with a range of iCON field controllers, while the new GNSS receiver and communication device are designed specifically for compact machines, allowing greater flexibility to adjust to different sites and project requirements.

C.R. Kennedy backs product portfolio with nationwide services support

C.R. Kennedy, the sole and exclusive distributor for Leica Geosystems in Australia, is focused on providing high-quality products and tailored solutions for industry, supported by its comprehensive national after-sales network, including training, service and repairs, technical support, hire equipment and customer care agreements.

Based out of Port Melbourne, C.R. Kennedy’s national network spans major state offices in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart, Perth, and Cairns with its workforce comprising over 260 staff, including product specialists, qualified surveyors, support staff and factory-trained service technicians.

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