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C.R. Kennedy Appointed XWatch Distributor: New Safety Solutions Landing In Local Market

C.R. Kennedy

C.R. Kennedy has been appointed the Australian distributor for UK heavy machinery safety specialist Xwatch Safety Solutions, with it bringing the Xwatch XW product portfolio to the local market, including the XW4 Series and XW5 Series, designed to deliver a safe and comfortable working environment.

Since its launch in 2019, Xwatch has set about building a name for itself globally, seeking to raise the bar for safety across a variety of environments, focused on construction, mining and transportation, with its team drawing on extensive machine control and safety systems experience.

It now offers safety solutions in over 20 countries, with the XW Series range variously designed to work in conjunction with excavators, backhoe loaders, truck-mounted cranes, flails and mowers, and special purpose machines.
C.R. Kennedy is also the sole and exclusive distributor for Leica Geosystems in Australia, with the XW Series notably integrating with Leica’s MC1 machine control software ecosystem, providing operators various insights and enhancing job site safety.


Across its evolving product range, Xwatch provides solutions for modern job sites, with it focused on delivering “forward-thinking integration and simple-to-use operator-focused hardware with value and flexibility”.
The XW Series runs high-performance, accessible software, requiring minimal operator training, with different models across the range bringing together a variety of features in implementing an additional level of safety on site.

C. R. Kennedy XWATCH


Height limitation
Operation is fail-safe and fully automatic, with function selection never more than two key presses away, while all potential machine high points are monitored and appropriate motions controlled, and full power is always available to move away from a limit.
Motions are controlled with ramped slow-down on approach and soft-stop, with no machine bounce, overshoot or undershoot, while an optional chassis sensor can be installed to correct for terrain slope.

Slew limitation
Single/dual parallel wall or angular limitation is available, and when walls are in use the front-end equipment is also monitored and controlled for limit breach, with limits either manually keyed in or set by positioning the machine (if both limits are active, the system will automatically flip to the appropriate display should a hazard approach occur).
Setup is simple, quick and can be protected with an optional access key switch, while all settings are retained and will be active on start-up.


The rated capacity indicator (RCI) ensures the safe operation of lifting equipment throughout the machine’s working envelope, with the system continually measuring the height, radius and load on the machine, allowing operators to work at the maximum lifting capacity while remaining within the machine’s safe working load.

Dig depth monitoring
Along with the height limiting function, the XW Series provides an accurate height value to the bucket pin, and includes a basic dig depth indicator to assist excavator operators in digging to exact levels.
This feature comes in handy when pulling trenches, flat pads and footings because it can eliminate the need for external checking.


Both the XW4 and XW5 feature an IP65 2.8-in or 4.3-in backlit colour LCD display, along with tactile keys, and can be mounted to the window or dash.
XW4 Series
The XW4 – which is suitable for operation with excavators, backhoe loaders and special purpose machines – monitors height and slew movement, and can be configured to work in conjunction with a variety of articulated hydraulic plant.
It has been designed to accurately restrict using feather touch, with its height and slew limitation functionality controlled using proportional soft-stop hydraulic valves, paving the way for an accurate and repeatable performance without detriment to the machine.


The XW5 is designed for use with any type of hydraulic excavator, along with special purpose machines, with it sporting the same height and slew limitation functionality as the XW4, along with an RCI, offering a total safe working envelope around the machine and operator.

A basic dig depth monitor is available when the RCI is not required, while if hazards are encountered, the XW5 will automatically flip to the relevant display page, and tracked machines have automatic sectored lifting duties for over the front/rear operation and over the side.


C.R. Kennedy is focused on providing high-quality products and tailored solutions for industry, supported by its comprehensive national after-sales network, including training, service and repairs, technical support, hire equipment and customer care agreements.
Based out of Port Melbourne, C.R. Kennedy’s national network includes major state offices in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Perth, with its workforce comprising over 260 staff, including product specialists, qualified surveyors, support staff and factory-trained service technicians.

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