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C.R. Kennedy adds WiSenMeshWAN portfolio to local line-up

C.R. Kennedy has been distributing WiSeN products in Australia for over two years. Leica Geosystems’ recent integration of the WiSenMeshWAN portfolio with its monitoring solutions, provides further insight to the success of the solution.

The WiSenMeshWAN, omni tilt and distance wireless monitoring system is the latest addition to the line-up at C.R. Kennedy.

Sensors are quickly and easily deployed to automatically acquire geotechnical data and provide enhanced insight when undertaking potentially sensitive and variable earthmoving projects.

There is, of course, wide-ranging scope to interact with structures when undertaking earthmoving operations – including buildings in a project’s vicinity, along with various other public and private infrastructure – and operators need to take necessary precautions to prevent the disturbance of nearby assets.

Having detailed geotechnical data on hand can inform and assist operators in carrying out a variety of tasks, serving to both promote efficient and effective operations, and contributing to the improved safety of people and equipment in the proximity of project zones.

The WiSenMeshWAN line is geared to deliver this, enabling wireless dynamic and autonomous data acquisition from geotechnical sensors using edge technology, utilising long-range wireless radio nodes in combination with a Smart Gateway.

The WiSenMeshWAN sensor nodes act as transmitters and receivers that create a selfforming dynamic radio mesh network that sends data to the SmartGateway. Users are provided full remote control over the system via a simple intuitive web portal, accessible from any device. The system can be configured to measure and report data at user-defined intervals and alert the user(s) when movement exceeds predefined tolerances.

As Leica advises, monitoring of projects often requires the combination of both geodetic and geotechnical monitoring sensors, with the integration of the WiSenMeshWAN portfolio paving the way for it to provide a complete solution.

To this end, the portfolio is fully compatible with Leica Geosystems’ and Hexagon’s monitoring solutions, enabling access to data around the clock, with it respectively integrating with the Leica GeoMoS monitoring software.

The integration of the portfolio allows users to:
• Automatically acquire geotechnical data using IoT and edge technology
• Use dynamic measurement and reporting rates from 1 Hz to twice a week
• Rely on the resilience of the self-forming sensor node mesh network
• Collect data using a fully automated, encrypted, long-range radio network, capable of up to 1.5km between nodes and using data hop technology
• Use a wide range of third-party geotechnical sensors, which can be combined with Wisen’s product portfolio through simple interface nodes
• Utilise WiSenMeshWAN products in longrunning projects, with no need for special protection (all units are rated IP65 and higher) or an external power supply (units are equipped with internal batteries), with a maintenance-free period of up to 10 years
• Form an extensive understanding with a complete monitoring solution and create homogeneous systems using geodetic, geotechnical and InSAR data

The WiSenMeshWAN SmartGateway is a connection gateway and edge computing data hub for WiSenMeshWAN nodes, with it managing the scheduling of the connected sensors, reading data from the node and transmitting it to the Wisen data server using an integrated modem (in the case of communication failure, data is buffered locally until the communication is restored).

It has an internal battery, with a lifespan of up to eight months, and can also be powered externally, with it featuring:
• Onboard SD memory card
• COM interface
• Digital interface
• Integrated radioExternal DC solutions
• Central WiSenMeshWAN data hub
• Support for 100 nodes

The WiSenMeshWAN SmartGateway Mini is a mini USB gateway for WiSenMeshWAN nodes, managing the scheduling of the connected sensors, reading data from the node and transmitting it to the local data server over the USB connection (locally stored data can be pushed to the Wisen cloud or imported immediately to the monitoring software).

Directly powered from the USB connection (with no need for external power), the SmartGateway Mini features:
• WiSenMeshWAN control unit
• USB A connector Designed for offline local PC connectivit

The WiSenMeshWAN Omni Tilt and distance is an internally powered sensor node which allows for measurement of tilt in any axis from a horizontal plane and distance to any surface of up to 100m away without a reflector.

It also includes an integrated temperature sensor and wireless mesh radio transmitter via the external antenna, and has a battery lifespan of up to five years at hourly readings, with it featuring:
• Omni-axis tilt 360° range
• ±0.0001° resolution
• Intelligent node/repeater
• Distance measurement of 0.05m ~ 100m
• Distance resolution of ±0.1mm
• One second to one hour variable readings
• End-user configurable
• IP66

The WiSenMeshWAN Omni Tilt and Tilt R internally powered sensor nodes allow for measurement of tilt from the horizontal plane, with the omni-axis sensors capable of being installed in any orientation and automatically detecting the horizontal plane.

The nodes also include an integrated temperature sensor and wireless mesh radio transmitter, external or internal antenna (tilt R model), with a battery lifespan of up to seven years at hourly readings, featuring:
• Omni-axis tilt 360° range
• ±0.0001° resolution
• Intelligent node/repeater
• One second to one hour variable readings
• End-user configurable
• Rugged housing
• IP66
• Gravity orientation sensor

This cost effective solution with ease of deployment should be considered for any project where construction and earthmoving operations interact with infrastructure people and the environment. Peace of mind for operators and all stakeholders of the project is critical to staying profitable in a highly competitive industry.

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