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C.R.Kennedy adds Leica AP20 Autopole to local portfolio

Leica Geosystems describes its recently introduced Leica AP20 AutoPole as a “unique and productivity-boosting smart solution” for its robotic total stations, with the AP20 bringing together three smart features – tilt compensation, automatic pole height readings and unique target identification – to streamline workflows.

This contributes to effectively removing the remaining analogue steps in construction survey workflows, with the AP20 both saving time spent onsite and reducing the need for cumbersome post-processing corrections in the office.

As it stands, operators can face a range of challenges across workflows, including the total station locking to the wrong target, points being measured and stored with the wrong target heights, and the time, effort and skill required to ensure the pole is vertical while measuring and staking.

Designed to accommodate for dynamic and variable worksite conditions, the AP20 makes it easier to navigate these challenges by allowing measurements with a tilted pole, providing automatic height readings and enabling target search and locking.

Both the height and tilt of the pole can be adjusted to reach a hidden point, increasing efficiency by enabling users to quickly re-establish the line of sight and relock to the robotic total station, paving the way for high reliability, while minimising the requirements for rework and associated delays.

Tilt Compensation removes the need to level the pole, effectively enabling users to measure and layout more points per day, while maintaining high job standards with control and clarity over the point quality.

It decreases measurement time and increases flexibility and safety onsite by allowing the measurement of points in locations that are inaccessible or which put the user at risk, even enabling upside-down and nearby hidden point measurements.

Benefits include:
• Time and effort is saved for each measured and/or staked point.
• Users no longer need to focus on ensuring the pole is held vertically
• Hidden points can be more easily and quickly measured.
• There is no longer the requirement to calibrate the pole level bubble.
• Auto-switch when using the pole inverted allows for maximum flexibility.

The PoleHeight functionality updates the height for users automatically as the pole height changes, paving the way for reliable and accurate measurements, helping to both save time and eliminate mistakes.

By updating the pole height automatically in the field software, the AP20 ensures that the height on record is always correct, removing the need to read, check and enter height changes, avoiding errors, time-consuming post-processing and the requirement to return to the field to remeasure.

Benefits include:
• Time onsite is saved by no longer needing to read, communicate and enter the pole height.
• Measurements with wrong target heights are eliminated.
• Costs are saved in correcting measurements with wrong target heights.
• Less chance of additional requests for information and rework due to wrong target heights.

TargetID ensures the user’s instrument will always lock to the correct target, preventing locking to foreign targets and avoiding work interruptions.

It enables the total station or multistation to identify a target on the fly during search, with the prevention of locking onto other targets especially important when there are several surveyors working simultaneously at busy locations.

Benefits include:
• Users no longer have to keep checking that the total station is not fixed on the wrong object.
• Time and effort is saved by not having to instruct the total station to find and lock onto the correct target.
• Risk of measuring wrong points by being locked to the wrong target is removed.
• Confidence when working in busy environments with multiple sensors and targets.

C.R. Kennedy is the sole and exclusive distributor for Leica Geosystems in Australia, with it focused on providing tailored solutions for the earthmoving industry, supported by its comprehensive national after-sales network.

Based out of Port Melbourne, C.R. Kennedy’s national network includes major state offices in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Perth, with its workforce comprising over 250 staff, including product specialists, qualified surveyors, support staff and factory-trained service technicians

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