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Broons Up n’ Go!

Australia has a vast unsealed road network; in fact, gravel and dirt roads make up 70 per cent of all drivable kilometres. Maintenance of these corridors is continuous and can consume huge hours for staff and plant alike. More and more local governments are finding the Broons Graderoll Mono roller is by far the most cost efficient way of churning out this annual maintenance.

While not a new concept, the Graderoll Mono roller is a modern take on the trusty grader mounted multi-tyre. Once the grader has cut and spread the old top surface, simply lower via the rippers to apply the compactive force into the pavement. If the next works is down the highway, simply raise the rippers, up and go! With no daily greasing for the operator, it’s more a work tool than a piece of separate plant. While it’s easy to couple up and use, it’s the economics that really impress. With roller mounted, the grader is transformed into a total road maintenance unit. No separate tractor and roller working in tandem – just drop your signs and go. There’s no quicker way to cover the kilometres.

The Broons Graderoll Mono has a number of options including a rear recovery hitch, LED taillights, tyre scraper and solid filled tyres to protect against occasional punctures.

In addition there are two control systems offering automatic ripper pressure release on braking, up to a fully automated float for 100 per cent even compaction.

Compatible with all major grader manufacturers, and at around $43,000 it’s pretty easy to justify for your gravel maintenance fleet.

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