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Broons: Shape of Things to Come


Dubbed the world’s most advanced multi-tyre roller, the Broons Graderoll Duo is more than your standard ripper mounted patrol grading roller.

With an advanced suspension system designed to provide even compaction, this roller will help shape the road as well as compact it.

A concept perfected by roller stalwarts Broons, the Graderoll Duo has twice the tricks of its legendary brother, the Graderoll Mono. With a walking beam suspension and compact side shift – operated from the cabin of the grader – all nine smooth tread compactor tyres can be offset to the left to compact the shoulder. Not only does this make it safer to operate by keeping the grader up on the firm pavement, it also prevents damage to the grader from low hanging branches and woody verges.

Surely rolling the shoulder would leave half the tyres in the air?


Not so with the revolutionary Graderoll Duo, which has three independent tyre groups mounted on walking beams to follow the shape of the road to ensure a perfect crown. Like a sophisticated active suspension system, the tyres will follow the contours in the pavement – go over a rise or through a dip and the hydraulics will adjust to the variations for 100 per cent even compaction.

Built with Broons’ legendary quality and 10 Year Structural Warranty, there is no smarter ripper mounted roller on the market. Quickly attached with secure coupling, simply raise the roller to return to the depot at day’s end. Maintenance grading made easy.

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