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Broons : Rocky Road Recycling

For regional councils not able to access or afford graded gravel product, the re-purposing of in situ rock offers a convenient and economical solution to road maintenance.

Either pulled in from the verges, or ripped up from below, larger material can be reduced and combined with existing fines to create a renewed pavement. Say goodbye to the cost of trucking in gravel, or the cost of crushing in the pit. The most efficient way of reducing this oversized rock is with a Broons towed Combination Grid Roller.

Driven to site on the road rated tyres, the BH-1830GR can be ballasted to as much as 14 tonne to easily split, crack and reduce 200mm minus rock to a useful 40mm minus product. Having a high tare weight, the roller not only reduces the product, but also compacts and compresses the angular stones into the road surface to create a strong pavement. Once the gravel has been compacted with the grid drum, the operator simply switches to the hydraulically activated compactor tyres from the convenience of the cabin. With the multi-tyre deployed and the addition of moisture, the fines can be brought to the surface to create an effective slurry. The finished smooth surface seals the gravel road for maximum longevity. Minimal plant – maximum economy.

If you’re wanting to reduce large rocks for road construction, the dedicated BH-14 Grid Roller is your weapon of choice. Grade the product into a windrow then run the 14 tonne grid back and forth until you get the desired material size. With an optional offset drawbar, and removable ballast bins that can be emptied for cheaper freight, it’s the big hitter of the grid fleet. But when it comes to a combination multi-tyre grid the BH-1830GR is ideal for road construction with in situ rock and the convenience of towing between work sites.

With around 20 additional options, there’s plenty to choose from. Electric/hydraulic disc brakes, solid fill tyres and a gooseneck drawbar that allows the grader’s rippers to be used and still have sufficient ground clearance. Peace of mind is also guaranteed with the standard Broons 10 Year Structural Warranty.

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