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Broons: Power To The Grid

Not many would argue that a grid roller is the ultimate power tool for outback road construction.

For remote works where graded product is either not available locally or too expensive to cart in, a towed grid roller can convert oversize native rock into useful road-forming material. For decades now the Broons built BH-14 Grid Roller has remained the standout plant on the market.

Since the Romans, we’ve known the necessity for a high rock content to keep a road structure together. Whether quarries or pits provided the material to be used, or simply the native surface rock was gathered, it’s always about finding the most cost-effective option.

So when rocks need to be converted to gravel, that’s when a towed grid roller makes economic sense. Weighing 14 tonne when the removable ballast bins are full, the BH-14 cracks and splinters oversize rock, reducing it more with every pass. At speeds of around 10kph, it’s also very fast at doing it. Turning oversize rocks into the perfect road base grading, or angular gravel for surface compaction. Not only that, it will submerge stones and compact as you finish the road surface off. All you need is a multi-tyre to complete the job.

The featured BH-14 grid roller is built with the highest quality grid castings, able to endure hard and abrasive rock. Internally the grid cones have their own scrapers to prevent a build up of soil or rocks inside the grid rings. The optional offset drawbar allows the towing tractor to stay wide of a large windrow, smoothing out the ride. It also keeps the tractor off the road shoulders while rolling.

No other piece of plant is as cost effective and resilient for rock reduction as the Broons BH-14 grid roller. No complex computers, engines or sensors – just a few well aimed shots of grease will keep it alive. Consider this highly dependable piece of plant when you next take on an outback road construction project.

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