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Broons – Order the Combo Deal

A Broons Combination Roller can be as flexible as you want it to be – it can be a combination of smooth drum and multi-tyres, a grid roller and multi-tyres, or just multi-tyred.

Everyone loves a combo deal – be it fast food, your data plan or a set of steak knives.

We’re no different when it comes to buying plant. Maybe it’s got multiple uses, a number of configurations or loads of added features.

We’ll always look for the best package before opening the wallet. Since the 1980s, the Broons Combination Roller is the original combo deal. With both a multi-tyre roller and a smooth steel drum roller in the one machine…but wait, there’s more!

Road maintenance consumes long hours and therefore high labour costs in regional Australia, so the last thing you want is an army of people on the works. Floating of self-propelled rollers to work side by side with a grader – it all starts to add up.  Nothing is more productive and efficient. Weighing up to 12 tonne fully ballasted, the roller is also suitable for road construction work. Shifted between the stone splintering steel drum and finishing multi-tyres from the cabin of the grader, nothing will lay down a gravel road better. Simply rip the pavement, spread the material and follow with first the drum then tyres for a well compacted gravel road. Lift your signs at the end of the day and drive back to the depot on the road rated tyres. Easy.

What, you want more?

What about disc brakes? Grid drum?

There are 20 options to tick off on these combination rollers to keep any works crew happy. Minimal maintenance, long life expectancy and ease of use make the Broons BH-1830 the ultimate Combo Deal. Contact Broons on (08) 8268 1988 or You can download a brochure here

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