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Broons eCombi Roller – Australia’s #1 Tow Behind Roller

Since its debut in 2009 the Broons eCombi Roller has raced to be Australia’s most popular tow behind roller.

Working all over Australia in local government and earthmoving, there simply isn’t a more economical and efficient use of a drum and multi-tyre roller for maintenance grading.

Towed to site on its road rated compactor tyres, the eCombi roller is adaptable to both tractor and grader tow vehicles, however as councils look for further efficiencies in maintaining their gravel road networks, the grader has become the tool of choice – and for good reason. When one operator can grade, shape and roll a road by themselves, it is a very affordable way of knocking out the maximum number of roads with the minimum number of staff.

Once filling the smooth steel drum with 2000 litres of water ballast, the eCombi weighs in at around 7 tonne, which is more than enough for regular patrol grading. Start adding a larger 1500mm or 1600mm drum, solid filled tyres or the offset hydraulic drawbar and that weight can climb to almost 9 tonne. Additional options like the electric/hydraulic disc brakes ensure a safe decent on undulating roads, or in the case of Victoria, a regulatory requirement.

All hydraulic operations are controlled from the cabin, keeping operators cool, dry and safe.

Built with Broons’ industry leading quality, the eCombi is offered with a 10 Year Structural Warranty to ensure the longest possible plant life, and a serious return on your hard earned investment.

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