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Brokk have a constant focus on innovation, improved performance and increased uptime for customers around the world, which the company shows continuing the development of demolition robots and tools.

During 2016 Brokk AB launched the BROKK 110, a small robot with power and versatility, which is the hallmark of a true Brokk machine!

The Brokk 110 delivers 15 per cent more power than the popular Brokk 100 and a whopping 50 per cent more power than the iconic Brokk 90. At the same time, it retains the compact format of the Brokk 100, making it exceptionally versatile in restricted spaces. This is possible because the robot is equipped with the unique Brokk SmartPower™ electrical system.

Further, the B110 folds up into a compact package that can easily climb stairs or fit into an elevator and with a weight below 1000kg it is the perfect machine on weak floor loads. A Brokk machine is designed for tough environments and the new Brokk 110 is no exception. It takes toughness to yet another level by not only adding protective elements in the design choices.

In April 2018 Brokk made the biggest product launch in the company’s history, no less than four new machines! The introduction of these four machines redefines what has been considered possible to achieve in terms of power-to-weight performance ratio for demolition robots.

The new Brokk170 replaces the Brokk 160 in the product lineup. Taking the best from Brokk 160 and adding the full Brokk SmartConcept™ – the power of SmartPower™, the reliability of SmartDesign™, the ergonomics and productivity of SmartRemote™ – the Brokk 170 is the ultimate demolition machine for the construction industry. With a 24kW SmartPower™ electric powertrain, this lightweight machine comes with 15 per cent more demolition power than its predecessor. It packs a mean wallop with the new Brokk BHB 205 breaker and brutal crushing force with the new Darda CC440 crusher. Still, it retains the same compact physical dimensions as the Brokk 160 and the wide range of attachments are fully compatible between the two models.

The all new Brokk 200 defines a new weight class for demolition robots, filling the gap between the Brokk 170 and the Brokk 300. And it does so by squeezing the power of a 3100kg Brokk 280 into a 2100kg package, enabled by Brokk SmartPower™ technology. This 27.5kW machine carries tools one weight class above its size and brings the hydraulic power to match it. Compared to its smaller sibling Brokk 170, the Brokk 200 comes with the new Brokk BHB 305 breaker that hits 40 per cent harder and the new stronger Darda CC480.

The Brokk 200 has 15 per cent longer vertical and horizontal reach while retaining most of the compact dimensions of the Brokk 160. The extra chassis length and machine weight ensures excellent balance, even when wielding the heavier and more powerful attachments. All-in-all, the Brokk 200 represents the new standard in compact remote-controlled power – ideal for heavy duty but difficult-to-access projects and applications.


Now available on all but two of the model range, combines power management software with custom-designed hardware to maximise the hydraulic power output of a given motor size while boosting reliability. For example, the power generated in the B260, the company’s former flagship 3.5 tonne model, was a constant 24kW. The next generation unit, the B280 with SmartPower™, improved the output to just below 30kW. The newly launched B300, with a new electric motor and SmartPower™, boasts 36kW of power, and means that the robot can accommodate a larger class of hammer on essentially the same size carrier. Better still, the integrated power management software automatically monitors the system and adjusts the motor speed to prevailing temperature conditions. This means that the machines can operate continuously even in the harshest, hottest environments.

In addition to the power management features, SmartPower™ includes completely redesigned electrical systems with 70 per cent fewer cables and a reduction in connection points from 170 to about 50, and hardened components specifically designed to withstand the rigours of vibration and heat generated in demolition robots. Together, these improvements increase the overall life of the machine’s electrical and hydraulic components and guarantee greater uptime in real world conditions.

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