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Break New Ground With Volvo Hydraulic Breakers/Hammers

Consistent Power, Durability And Breaking Force

To penetrate a number of challenging materials Volvo hydraulic breakers provide consistent power, durability and breaking force.

Every strike is delivered with the same optimal power as the last. With a range of hydraulic breakers for all applicable Volvo products or even compatibility with competitor machines, Volvo breakers are the top choice to add to your owned or rental fleet.

This attachment can be matched to any excavator and includes hydraulic hoses, breaker bracket and tools. The two-speed control offers flexibility for every application, so you can choose the best frequency for the job you’re on.

It’s renowned that safety is built into every design element of Volvo machines, and the same can be said for Volvo attachments. Anti-blank firing prevents the breaker from hammering once the material has been completely penetrated. The fully sealed covering protects the power cell, prolonging its lifespan through its robust design, as well as reducing sound levels.

The breaker’s large capacity accumulator safeguards both the breaker and the machine’s hydraulic systems against potential pressure spikes and increases power impact by recycling the piston’s energy. The large diameter tie rods help provide a greater tightening torque, which holds the power cell together more securely.

Backed by a solid manufacturer warranty, Volvo hydraulic breakers also come with the reliability and support of the Volvo name and CJD Equipment’s branch and dealer network across Australia. CJD Equipment provides 24/7 sales, parts and service support from over 500 highly experienced staff with knowledge and skills that is unsurpassed in the industry.

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