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Boosting efficiency with Alemlube ALS

The Alemlube ALS installed on a truck

Alemlube’s new Low Height ALS Lube System Pump Station offers reduced running and maintenance costs, while improving equipment productivity and profitability.

Manufactured in Italy, and covered by a two-year warranty, the new Alemlube ALS system has been performing very well in the Australian market for the last three years.

The Alemlube ALS system can be used on any type of equipment that needs to be greased frequently – trucks, trailers, wheel loaders, excavators, mini skid steers, front, side and rear loaders, AG sprayers, hay bailers, waste recycling plants, and many fixed plant applications.

In the transport sector, fleet owners and owner operators can benefit by having their rigs on the road more, with less downtime and lower running costs.

In the construction machine space plant owners can also keep their machines running longer with pin and bush wear minimised and service lives extended.

John Knight, Alemlube’s ANZ Lube Systems Product Manager, believes that the new system as manufactured outside Milan is taking mobile equipment lubrication to the next level.

“Designed 10 years ago and upgraded five years ago, the pump station has features and benefits that will set new standards and expectations within the industry in Australia and New Zealand,” he says.

The Alemlube ALS installed on a truck
Reduced height means more pump-mounting options, and less obstruction of vision from the cabin.

“The Alemlube ALS pump station is manufactured from the latest engineering polymer materials making it lighter, stronger and more durable, and it can be used in the harshest operating conditions with maximum exposure to the elements.”

Designed and built to be used with NLGI2 grease – as specified by most equipment manufacturers – this grease system allows owners and operators to use either the grease of their choice or the grease type specified by the relevant OEMs which, in some instances, can keep warranties in place and effective.

Max Krishnan, Alemlube’s ALS Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand said: “The systems are coming into the country from The Netherlands on some Dutch and Belgian AG equipment, and they have been operating successfully here and in Europe and the US for many years.

“Combining the product quality with the Alemlube know-how, plant and equipment and truck and trailer owners can have peace of mind when they choose and install the new and innovative Alemlube ALS system.

“Regardless of where you are, what industry you are involved in and how rough and demanding the operating conditions, one can be sure that grease is getting to where it needs to get in the right volumes day in and day out.

“The fact that we have branches around the country, plus our branch in Auckland New Zealand, enables us to support OEM equipment inclusive of our Lube Systems moving both ways across the Tasman.”

Another benefit of utilising the new Alemlube ALS system is that grease points can’t be missed, with difficult or hard to reach points kept perfectly greased regardless of servicing schedules.

With trained and experienced BDMs and Technicians around the country in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Townsville, Alemlube will be there for you when installations or service work is required.

New to the Alemlube ALS range is the latest 8kg low height pump station. Built using the same rugged pump body as the rest of the ALS pump range, the 8kg “fat” pump has a greatly reduced overall height.

This lower height offers more pump-mounting options, particularly for construction machines. The “fat” pump can also fit perfectly into excavator tool lockers and tool boxes, reducing clutter, and keeping walkways clear.

In addition, the reduced height means that in cases where the pump must be fitted on the deck or on top the machine, the low height profile can avoid blocking the operator’s vision, thus creating a safer machine.

If you would like to hear more about how the new Alemlube ALS system works and how it can improve your plant and equipment’s operating times, reduce running and maintenance costs, and lift equipment productivity and profitability, contact your local Alemlube Lube Systems BDM.

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