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Bogaard are proud to announce the release of a new range of turbo idle timers

The X Series range of timers has been designed to operate in the electrically and physically demanding environments encountered in earthmoving, agricultural and industrial applications.

There are three models in the X Series range; single output, double output and energize to stop. All three are suitable for electronic controlled or non-electronic controlled engines.

All X Series timers operate in both 12 and 24 volt applications.

The timers are a two-piece design with a small module, which can be easily mounted behind a control panel, and an override (stop) switch that is mounted either flush in the dash or panel or on the bracket provided.

The override switch is water and dust proof and can be mounted in an exposed position. The switch is metal with push button operation. It has an LED indicator that flashes when the timer is active.

A rotary switch inside the timer module allows the installer to select any of 10 idle periods ranging from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. The default factory setting is 3 minutes.

All X Series models incorporate a parking brake safety feature so that the timer will only operate when the parking brake is engaged.

Bogaard idle timers are the market leader in turbo engine protection. They provide a reliable, foolproof method of allowing the engine and its turbo to cool down; prolonging their operating life and reliability, all for a fraction of the cost of a service or repair.

They continue to be the choice of most Australian truck manufacturers, fitted as OEM parts on their production lines.

As for all Bogaard products, the X Series idle timers are wholly designed, manufactured and serviced in Australia.

They will be available in April 2014. For further information go to


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