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BOBCAT T595 Track Loader


The T595 is set to further strengthen the Bobcat® brand’s dominance in the compact construction equipment space.

In the animal kingdom, the bobcat is known for its speed, agility and aggression, as well as its ability to endure extreme conditions. Just like its namesake, the all new Bobcat T595 boasts the same attributes.

On the surface the Bobcat T595 looks almost identical to the T590 with a couple of minor styling tweaks. Put them side by side and they are the same physical size and share the same working range. As you may be aware, the T590 is already the top selling track loader in Australia.

But, when we take a closer look, you will see why the Bobcat T595 is set to further strengthen the Bobcat brand’s dominance in the compact construction equipment space.

The T590 already had market leading operator comfort levels and optional control configurations to suit the preference of the operator. It also boasted auxiliary hydraulic functionality, roller suspension and parallel lift path loader frame. So when your machine already has everything you want and more, then how do you improve on it? That’s right, you give it more power, and make it more environmentally friendly.



The Bobcat T595 boasts 74hp, an increase of 11 per cent over the T590, which is rated at 66hp. The upgraded T595 is compliant to Tier 4 final requirements while the T590 will  remain interim tier 4 compliant.

The new Bobcat engine used in the T595 uses common rail fuel system technology to achieve this increase in power and efficiency. Both models will continue to be offered and supported in Australia through the nationwide Clark Equipment dealership network.

The other thing you’ll notice when comparing the two models is the aesthetics on the T595 have received a minor facelift via a change in the shape and styling of the M series red trim. This aligns with the M2 series branding being strategically rolled out across all models.

The overall fit and finish of the trims inside the cab is completed to an automotive industry standard as with all Bobcat branded products and the paint quality and coverage too appears to be of the highest quality.

The T595 comes into the country with air conditioning as standard and the sealed and pressurised cabin meets ROPS compliance.

Not all suspension systems are created equal. Bobcat T595 operators benefit from a roller suspension system that keeps the idlers firmly planted on the ground for stability while each track roller is individually cushioned by its own leaf spring. Unlike some other suspension systems, the Bobcat roller suspension system ensures that no matter what the left side of the machine is riding over, it in no way affects the right side, and vice versa. This means a happier, more comfortable and less fatigued operator and a faster, neater smoother job at the end of the day.



Service accessibility and the level of protection for fragile cooling system parts offered by the powertrain configuration are unparalleled with the Bobcat product line.

Every filter and lube point can be accessed from ground level via the rear steel door.

The cooling package situated atop the engine enclosure provides easy access to the engine, while the east-west mounting of the engine itself further improves accessibility to components such as the alternator, air conditioned compressor, fuel system etc.

The hydraulic pump is mounted alongside the engine and I’d driven via a belt that enables the pump speed to be varied via dissimilar pulley sizes as opposed to the competitors who are restricted by expensive direct drive couplings. This allows Bobcat Company to match engine speed and torque curve to the output of the pump in the intended high flow applications.

With two-speed powertrain as standard driven by a computer controlled variable displacement axial piston pump, and the additional engine power offered in the new T595, you can be assured that this thing is fast and powerful, both on the level and in undulating ground.

It almost seems unfair for the competition, the Bobcat T590 already owned this market sector. It took Bobcat to develop a machine that could outsell it. The T595 is set to do exactly that. If you’re in the market for a compact track loader or you’re just doing your research, you need to see what the market leading brand and model is offering before you can really assess anything else.

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