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Bobcat® T590 Compact Track Loader


With the highest lifting height in the 500 platform, the Bobcat® T590 compact track loader is ideal for loading and unloading tasks, especially where space is tight.

The vertical lift T590 is well suited for any task where space is limited and there’s a need for maximum lift height. That’s a special feature that’s backed up with more usable horsepower, more powerful breakout forces and faster cycle times than competitors.

On Bobcat® compact track loaders, the track system is designed for simplicity and durability. The forged steel idlers and steel imbed tracks are built for the longest-possible service life with minimal maintenance. The solid-mounted drive motors and hydraulic hoses are better protected from debris, snags, vibrations, rubbing, mud and sticks.

All the common loader control patterns are in place – and some allow you to choose between control styles with the flip of a switch. Choose from the popular Bobcat Standard Controls or the exclusive Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC). For harsh working environments, there’s even the Radio Remote Control System.

The T590 offers all of this and a great deal more.



The Bobcat® T590 radiator and hydraulic oil cooler are protected from danger, while hoses are routed through the loader arms and frame uprights. Quick couplers are mounted directly into the front plate of the lift arm and the solid-steel tailgate has no cooling holes or other openings.

The machine relies on machine-shutdown protection, self-diagnostics, battery run-down protection, cold-weather protection and other features that minimise maintenance and protect the plant. The T590, like all Bobcat® loaders, features the industry’s only maintenance-free chaincase.

The T590 cab offers premium, operator-friendly layout and is designed for all-around visibility with improved sight lines. Bucket corners and cutting edge are easily visible from the seat and tracks or tires are visible without raising the loader arms.

A comfortable seat means less operator fatigue. The Selectable Joystick Control (SJC) moves with the seat, and Bobcat® offers optional air-ride seats for maximum suspension comfort. The optional M-Series Deluxe Instrumentation Panel brings upgraded communication, monitoring, productivity and control to the T590. It monitors key loader functions, communicates alerts and provides additional attachment information to track usage. Using the ultra-sharp LCD screen and simple interface allows data access and helpful notifications to keep the loader operating at peak capacity with greater uptime.

The T590 also has the large entry/exit area common to all Bobcat® machines, and the extra space of the wider cab makes for a comfortable and productive workspace. A best-in-class pressurised interior space minimises dust, and the one-piece seal and unique, curved door pocket ensure the best-possible protection. Warm air stays in the cab during frigid conditions, and cool air keeps the operator comfortable on hot days.

Easy, full access to the engine checks and fills, filters and battery is built in to the T590.

Unlike other brands, the lift arms don’t need to be raised to service the machine, so time spent on maintenance can be focused on necessities, rather than struggling to gain access. Maintenance is also made easier and faster with easy-to-access grease zerk locations on critical pivot points. An operator doesn’t need to lie on the ground or stand on tracks to grease the pins.

Hydraulic oil level can be checked quickly and easily via an easy-to-see sightglass, and Bobcat® loaders offer one-sided serviceability thanks to the exclusive belt-drive system. A multi-groove Kevlar belt allows the loader engine to run slower for reduced noise and longer durability. It’s also more efficient with an optimised engine-to-pump package.

Bobcat® offers attachment versatility across carriers combined with unbeatable attachment support from the Bobcat dealer network. Quick couplers deliver clean, rapid attachment changes every time, and the attachment control kit simplifies operation. High-flow hydraulics also provide a big power boost on selected attachments.

Non-hydraulic attachments can be swapped without the operator leaving the seat. The standard Bob-Tach® mounting system enables loader attachment changes in less than a minute. It’s a time-tested system that allows use of a bucket, auger, landscape rake, grapple and other attachments throughout the day with a minimum of lost time. Developed more than 35 years ago, the Bob-Tach® system is time-tested.

As demands on operators and machinery continue to increase, the Bobcat® T590 offers operators the opportunity to meet and exceed those demands, ensuring a safe, efficient and profitable machine that will continue to work harder for longer.

It’s another winner from Bobcat® Company.

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