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Bobcat E85 Excavator

The Bobcat E85 excavator is the largest of the R-Series lineup and with that size comes an expectation of muscle, power and performance.

So let me just say, if the E85 transformed itself into a bloke at the pub asking for an arm wrestle, I’d be more than happy to sit that one out. But before we go any further let me hit you with some specs and details. It has a minimal tail swing (missing out on the true zero swing tag by around 30mm). So basically it’s a zero swing. With powerful class-leading digging and depth capacity with superfast cycle times, you will have all the power, muscle, reach and digging capacity you need to complete demanding jobs.

Times Have Changed

Up until the last few years, operators on residential work sites would tend to just hire excavators when needed due to the large size and expense of the machines. However, with the new era of the mini excavator becoming so popular thanks to its flexibility, reduced size and cost, many operators are opting to purchase their own machines. Particulalry companies that have several projects on the go at any time. When you look at the reductions in labour costs that a mini excavator can bring, along with the range of attachments available, it’s a pretty simple decision for a lot of companies.

Test #1: Power And The Passion

This beautiful 8.5-tonne lady isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. In fact quite the opposite. Our EEM heavy machinery operator Heath Thompson spent the day in the E85 to share with us exactly what the experience was like. “Under the hood sits a proprietary 65hp, Tier 4, Turbo Diesel Bobcat engine, which has actually been moved from the previous model from the side of the machine to the central rear area. Thus providing more room on the side where the engine used to be to now reposition the impressive load sensing hydraulic setup where the digging and attachment power comes from.”

Heath went on to say, “Bobcat Company’s own approach to its machines is “never stop making it better” and the E85 is a fine example of this approach. The new and improved hydraulic system provides the operator with a smooth and refined experience. A great excavator has the perfect balance between engine horsepower and a sophisticated Hydraulic System that maximises power, speed, predictability and control.”

Test #2: Comfort Factor

Heath had some great feedback on his experience in the cab: “One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about operating Bobcat equipment is the great cab size and operator comforts, and sitting in the E85 cab you can feel the evolution of previous machines that has now been perfected in this excavator. From the added leg room to the awesome seat and well-placed controls – this machine just feels

right. The displays are easy to navigate and the brightness and resolution make them very easy to read even under full sun conditions. “For an operator spending 10+ hours a day in a machine, noise and vibration in the cab can ruin an otherwise perfect machine. I’m happy to report that both of these potential problems didn’t even register on my radar during my time in the machine. The only time I thought about it was when I noticed how comfortable the machine was to use. I had no noise or vibration distracting me from my tasks. I would be more than happy to spend my days in this machine,” said Heath.

Test #3: Versatility

During our testing we made the most of the digging bucket we had on hand effortlessly digging trenches and removing big floaters out of our test area, but simply digging is just one of a massive range of tasks that the E85 – along with the other machines in the R-Series – is capable of. The Bobcat range has massive built-in versatility with a mountain of compact excavator attachments available, from breaking concrete and bringing down buildings to drilling tree holes, there’s an attachment for the job with augers, breakers, clamps, flail cutters, grading buckets, grapples, plate compactors and more in its arsenal. You can also add in a hydra-tilt swing accessory to get even more usage out of a particular attachment.

The Wrap-Up

It’s safe to say we here at EEM were pretty impressed with the Bobcat E85. The fact that you aren’t just buying a digger but a versatile tool carrier capable of so many earthmoving-specific tasks brings both impressive versatility and profitability.

We have only just scratched the surface of the features that make this machine what it is – the improved visibility, fingertip control and advanced Tier 4 solutions are all further highlights. Bobcat has embraced the opportunity to improve this Tier 4 engine without a DPF (diesel particulate filter) simplifying the engine and producing drastically less particulate matter.

If you are in the market for a machine of this size make sure you contact the team at Clark Equipment who will answer all your questions and even get you in the hot seat for a test drive.

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