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BOBCAT® E50, One Tough Animal

Bobcat E50

The new Bobcat E50 has been born off the back of the specific requests and needs by operators to produce a new more powerful and precise beast. Bobcat Company has decided to go the full hog and redesigned its M-series from the ground up.

Let’s be honest, first and foremost on the list for a worthy machine is power, and the E50 has that by the bucket load and more. Next on the list of requirements would have to be comfort. If you have the power and you are in an environment that is comfortable, cool or warm when needed and the noise factor is low, you are going to have operators that are both happy and focused on the job at hand. This not only increases workloads but also reduces the risk of accidents due to distractions or lack of concentration.

The team at Bobcat hasn’t just built more powerful engines they have also managed to build lighter and stronger excavators, which greatly improves the power to weight ratios.

“Redesigned from the ground up” sounds impressive, but I figured we were going to need a little more detail than that to be convinced. So, for starters, the actual handling of the machine was very important and a smoother, quieter and more efficient operation has been achieved.

There’s a tremendous amount of digging and lifting performance, even though the overall machine weight of the E50 has been reduced. It also has impressive tracking and manoeuvring capabilities, low fuel consumption and productivity-boosting operator comfort. Smooth and refined hydraulics allow digging through extremely tough jobs while the load-sensing piston pump and closed centre valve systems deliver exceptional metering for smooth control.

Bobcat has really taken to packing as much power as possible into its new M-series machines and the result is superior performance as well as improved compound use of multiple functions.


Bobcat E50


When it came time to put the E50 through its paces it didn’t disappoint. In fact, quite the opposite. It packed the punch of a machine well above its weight class. There was plenty of power which, when combined with the lighter weight of the machine, enabled some serious workload. The extra horsepower allowed the hydraulic system to utilise flow at higher pressures, and that translated into faster cycle times under load.


Being able to access your service checkpoints is an important procedure over the course of any given day. The E50 has all filters, fluids and checkpoints right at your fingertips. Comparing service access to other excavators is like comparing chalk and cheese.

A centralised grease bank makes for fast and easy lubrication of the slew bearing, slew pinion and swing cylinder. Track tensioning is also convenient with an easy-to-reach, well-protected grease-cylinder fitting.


Bobcat E50

The Bobcat E50 is a powerful unit and delivers precise control hand-in-hand with strong power delivery offering increased slew torque, faster cycle times and maximum auxiliary hydraulic performance. When the industry was required to meet Tier 4 emission standards, Bobcat went one step further than a diesel particulate filter that causes downtime through DPF degeneration and maintenance costs, instead designing an ultra-low particulate combustion (ULPC) capable engine, which drastically reduces the particulate matter created during combustion. Therefore, there’s no need for a DPF, which saves valuable time and money in servicing.

On the subject of saving time and money, Bobcat’s depth-check system will save a pile of both, minimising the tendency to over- or under-dig. With an accuracy of +/- 1.27cm, this system will keep you on track for achieving grade or meeting minimum cover specs.

Improved machine shutdown monitors keep an eye on coolant and oil temperatures and prevent them from reaching a critical point of shutdown.

One last standout feature worth mentioning is the cold-weather engine-protection system, which prevents pushing the machine too hard before the engine has warmed up properly.

Bobcat is at the top of its game on all fronts. It’s great to see a company prepared to keep pushing forward and listening to its end users to continually create better, stronger and safer machines.

Bobcat’s E50 is a great all-round performer, punching well above its weight.


Bobcat E50


• More predictable

• Smooth operation

• More powerful

• Faster

• Greater hydraulic horsepower

• Lighter gross weight

• Panoramic serviceability

• Depth-check system

• Machine-shutdown protection

• Cold-weather engine protection

• State-of-the-art non-DPF

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