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Blundstone Stability Meets The Freedom To Move With Rotoflex®

Iconic Australian footwear brand Blundstone, continues to be at the forefront of safety footwear, with the launch of their new RotoFlex® Range.

This world-leading biomechanical design is a result of years of research and development into the needs of workers in the trades, mining and construction industries. The airport friendly range includes four unisex styles and two women-specific styles crafted for the ever-growing female market.

The RotoFlex range of boots feature a biomechanically conforming sole design, GripTek®, which utilises a unique TPU tread pattern and super cushioned midsole, with zoned support carefully designed for all-day stability and comfort and optimum grip.

“The sole has been designed with extra width in the heel and toe area to help stop ankle rolls by providing more stability. This means that wearers use less energy when walking, helping to reduce fatigue – another contributor to workplace injuries. An added bonus are the larger cleats for self-cleaning,” explains Adrian Blandford, Blundstone’s Global Work & Safety Range Manager.

All six styles feature a water-resistant upper, lightweight, compression-resistant composite toe cap, and an all-new zoned airflow footbed, AirCell®. The AirCell footbed is uniquely constructed with specialised zoning, designed to activate ventilation, allowing air to be pumped through channels to the heel, arch of the foot and between toes, offering moisture control and cushioning comfort as the wearer walks and moves – no more sweaty feet.


The overarching comfort system, SoftCell® utilises a combination of specialist materials and a unique biomechanical foot-cradling design to increase stability, balance, comfort and manoeuvrability, while reducing ankle slip risk and fatigue.

An Australian first, the RotoFlex Range also features Infinergy®. This E-TPU material is a super elastic energy foam from BASF, which is soft but resilient providing enhanced cushioning and reducing the impact of every step taken.

Every single component used in the construction of the RotoFlex range has been researched, tested and trialled to ensure Blundstone deliver truly innovative, better performing safety footwear. Their dedicated design team looked at multiple options for each element and selected the best performing, most appropriate product – and if they couldn’t find the perfect piece, they created it.

Launching in September 2022, RotoFlex delivers a strong foundation from the ground up, providing unbeatable fit and unrivalled comfort – perfect from day one. Put their innovation to work at the link below.

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