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Blundstone Rotoflex® #8553 Unisex Safety Boots

Blundstone boots

If you’re looking for a lightweight safety boot that looks great and offers premium cushioning and protection at every touchpoint, then look no further. Providing all-day comfort and safety, the Blundstone RotoFlex #8553 Unisex Safety Boot could be your new boot of choice.

The Rotoflex #8553 safety boots offer premium stability while providing the freedom to move. They do all of this while being packed to the brim with a massive list of features that seamlessly come together to create a sophisticated work boot that looks as good as it performs. And let’s be honest, these are some pretty awesome-looking work boots.

Looks aside, it’s the new technology that make the #8553 so impactful. With inclusions like Blundstone’s new GripTek® HD sole (optimum grip and comfort), AirCell (airflow footbed), Fortalite® (compression-resistant composite safety toe cap), and SoftCell® (comfort system) which encompasses Infinergy® by BASF (E-TPU super elastic energy foam) — it’s no wonder these boots feel and perform as well as they do.
The Blundstone range, in recent times, has led the industry in just what’s possible from a safety work boot in terms of comfort and performance. So, for this new RotoFlex range to impress as much as it has, it’s clear that Blundstone has no intention of taking its foot off the gas when it comes to creating new and improved performance through design, materials and Blundstone’s world-renowned durability and performance.

Jordy from LVD Builders put the RotoFlex #8553 unisex safety boots through their paces…


Blundstone’s all-new AirCell technology has been designed with all-day comfort in mind. This exclusively zoned airflow footbed is built to ventilate, control moisture and cushion when you move.
“I haven’t previously experienced this level of comfort in a work boot from the very first wear. Then once you start moving and working in the #8553s, you begin to appreciate just how much work has gone into creating these boots. They feel noticeably lighter than my previous work boots, and after four or five days, you really can notice how much difference a lighter work boot makes at the end of the week,” Jordy shared.

“But the movement and freedom of these boots really stood out. After working in a range of positions, crouching down, kneeling, carrying materials and 101 other situations tradies experience in a workday, the flexibility and wearability of these boots shone through.”

Blundstone boots


It’s often a challenging balancing act for boot manufacturers to create the toe strength and safety required without limiting or restricting the toe movement. Still, it seems to be precisely what Blundstone has achieved with the #8553.

“Replacing the steel toe cap with a composite toe seems like a great way to reduce the weight of a safety boot, and this composite toe caps holds strong under immense pressure, all while keeping its shape and without restricting toe movement. It is the freedom of movement of these boots which stand out to me as its clear and impressive feature,” Jordy said.

The foundation of these boots starts from the ground up. The uniquely designed GripTek HD sole brings optimum grip and comfort across various challenging situations and environments.

Blundstone has gone back to the drawing board, creating all new technologies and materials to provide enhanced cushioning and to reduce the impact of every step taken — ensuring your feet are happier. At the end of the day, removing discomfort allows operators to focus on the job with their full and undivided attention.

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