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Plan your maintenance with the Cat® Track Wear Sensor for Cat D6 Dozer HDXL undercarriages.

If you own or operate a Cat® D6 Dozer fitted with an HDXL undercarriage, you can now stay ahead by monitoring its undercarriage wear remotely with the Cat Track Wear Sensor.

A small embedded electronic sensor is in your HDXL undercarriage track link and the new Caterpillar technology will detect the track wear for you.

This can help improve inspection scheduling, maintenance planning and fleet coverage.

It’s an innovation exclusive to Cat machines and Cat undercarriage and can be retrofitted on other eligible Cat dozer undercarriages.

How the Cat Track Wear Sensor works

The Cat Track Wear Sensor will come embedded in each of your dozer’s tracks.

This will create two smart track links that will wear down over time, along with the other track links.

The Cat Track Wear Sensor can then monitor your track wear over its lifetime.

The more you know the better

As wear occurs, the Cat Track Wear Sensor wirelessly relays information from your machine to your Cat dealer who can then oversee wear via the Cat Wear Management System.

This means you can increase your fleet coverage, view track wear remotely, reduce manual inspections and streamline the ordering of replacement parts.

Inspect more of your dozers from afar

The Cat Track Wear Sensor has a ‘no touch’ track link measuring function, which means your Cat dealer can inspect the track wear of your entire fleet of D6 Dozers remotely.

They will be notified at key wear percentages when action is required.

With the Cat Track Wear Sensor, your Cat dealer will ensure you get the most out of your Cat D6 Dozer’s HDXL undercarriage.

With real-time track wear status updates, they can order your track replacement right away so it’s there when you need it.

Plus, you can effectively plan your jobsite operations by factoring in dozer maintenance, replacement and downtime well in advance.

The small embedded electronic sensor is part of the HDXL undercarriage track link.

Key Track Wear Intervals

  • Track wear at 40%: Consider an inspection to determine the need for undercarriage maintenance such as bushing turns.
  • Track wear at 70%: Schedule an inspection and plan track replacement, bushing turns and other maintenance.
  • Track wear at 10%: Plan track replacement and schedule machine downtime.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Predict wear-out to help maximise undercarriage life
  • Ensure simple maintenance planning with key wear alerts
  • Trigger notifications at 40, 70 and 100% wear intervals
  • Enhance undercarriage reliability with remote wear monitoring
  • Increase uptime by avoiding costly and inconvenient interruptions
  • Available for Cat D6 Dozer HDXL undercarriages and can be retrofitted on eligible dozers.

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