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Battery Powered Rammers And Vibratory Plate Wacker Neuson’s Zero Emission Solutions

Wacker Neuson launched the first-ever vibratory rammer over 90 years ago – causing a sensation on construction sites the world over. Now, Wacker Neuson are shaking up the world of surface compaction once again with the latest generation of battery-powered rammers and vibratory plate.

Everyone is talking about “electric“. Wacker Neuson’s green “e“ of the zero emission line not only stands for the drive, but also for a completely emissions-free way of working.

No exhaust emissions and decidedly less noise are good for your team and the environment. The battery-powered construction equipment and electric compact machinery are united by one promise: no compromises. No compromises on performance. No compromises on runtimes. And definitely no compromises on lifetime.

Instead, they focus on harnessing the full potential of new technologies. Outstanding ergonomics, ease of handling and cost efficiency – just some of the highlights of Wacker Neuson zero emission line that are bound to impress you.

With the Wacker Neuson zero emission solutions, you can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90 per cent including battery production and power generation.

The maintenance-free electric motor in the models- ASS30e and AS50e delivers the same power as its gasoline-powered brothers – all at the push of a button. The big difference is that the electric models do not produce any emissions – which is a huge benefit, especially for trench work.

No exhaust fumes, easy to start up: just some of the reasons why the Wacker Neuson battery-powered, single-direction vibratory plate – AP1850e in the zero-emission range have been stirring up the market up for some time now.

Other highlights include outstanding cost efficiency. There is no need for conventional maintenance work on parts like the carburetor or fan belts. The vibratory plate also consumes up to 70 per cent less energy.

For further information head to the Wacker Neuson website:

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