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Back-to-back with Rokbak

DSA Contracting's Rokbak RA30

Sydney’s DSA Contracting has been so impressed with the Rokbak RA30 articulated hauler, that the company has already ordered another to join its fleet.

DSA Contracting is a leading civil contracting company based across north and southwestern Sydney, specialising in delivering high-quality construction and infrastructure projects across the region. Formed in 2008, it has grown to boast a workforce of around 60 employees and more than 70 pieces of top-quality equipment, which it deploys on a range of multi-million-dollar projects.

Rokbak articulated haulers are set to play a pivotal role in ongoing operations for DSA Contracting, after its first RA30 quickly convinced in its role assisting a large housing development in southwestern Sydney.

The RA30 may be a recent addition to DSA Contracting’s fleet but, due to the articulated hauler’s success, another is already on the civil contracting solutions company’s order book.

Renowned for its superior performance, versatility, and durability, the straightforward approach to the RA30’s aesthetic and functionality made the articulated dump truck stand out in DSA Contracting’s purchase process with trusted dealer Porter Group.

“This was our first machine from Porter Group, and what they’ve sold in this machine we’re really happy with,” says DSA Contracting CEO Daniel Aplin. “So much so, we’ve just ordered another one.

“It’s been fantastic. It out-performs its competitors with its drivability. The fuel burn in particular has been very impressive – it’s half of some of its competitors.”

Rokbak’s fuel-efficient drivetrains deliver powerful performance and meet worldwide emission standards with low cost of operation and low environmental impact.

Further reducing total cost of ownership is Rokbak’s Haul Track telematics system, which has simplified operation and maintenance for DSA Contracting. Haul Track provides access to GPS and location tracking data as well as a range of downloadable daily performance reports detailing machine hours, engine speed, idle time, and system fault code alerts.

This allows maintenance checks to be planned well in advance and more efficiently, maximising uptime and prolonging component cycles. With ground-level test points, a fully tilting cab, and an electronically raised hood, daily checks couldn’t be simpler.

DSA Contracting's Rokbak RA30
DSA Contracting has ordered a second Rokbak RA30 after the success of their first. Image: Rokbak

Doing the hard work

The powerful Rokbak RA30 hauler is designed to handle the most demanding of tasks, making it the ideal addition to DSA Contracting’s fleet.

One of the first assignments for the RA30 has been the Westwood housing development estate, a 150-lot project in Caddens, in Sydney’s west. DSA Contracting was awarded the contract for earthworks and infrastructure for the substantial residential development, which is located next to the Kingswood campus of Western Sydney University. It is a $15 million subdivision site, with the RA30 tasked with material handling.

The RA30’s features – including its robust hauling capacity and exceptional off-road performance – will enable DSA Contracting to complete the necessary earthworks and infrastructure development with precision and speed.

The RA30 has been designed for ease of operation through incorporation of hydrostatic power steering, automatic transmission, and independent suspension. High-grade front and rear steel frames articulate 45 degrees to either side for increased manoeuvrability on muddy ground.

Powered by a 370hp (276kW) Scania DC9 engine, the RA30 has a 28-tonne maximum payload and eight-speed transmission, with a top forward speed of 55km/h. At Westwood, it is required to move approximately 1000 tonnes of construction materials a day.

On the rise down under

DSA Contracting’s Rokbak purchases exemplify the Scottish articulated hauler manufacturer’s increasing presence in large-scale construction and infrastructure projects in Australia.

“Australia has a significant demand for dump trucks and the Rokbak brand is continuing to strengthen here, with more and more trucks out working for customers,” says Rokbak Regional Business Manager Lee Irving. “The fact that DSA Contracting has ordered another RA30 so soon just proves what a great hauler this is.”

“At the end of the day we buy a machine to get 100 per cent running time out of it, with little to no downtime,” says Daniel. “That’s what we require out of the machine and that is what we’ve been getting with this Rokbak.

“Essentially, we’re a civil contractor, but a big thing for us is we are able to produce quality projects time and time again.

“We’ve grown steadily, and we have the simple focus on delivering quality projects. Having a product like the Rokbak helps us achieve that.”


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