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Axles Earthmoving and Gardner Engineering attachments


Axles Earthmoving and Civil Works has been so impressed with attachments from Gardner Engineering that they are now fitted on practically every piece of equipment it runs.

Out on the Gold Coast, Axles is gaining a reputation as one of South East Queensland’s best choices for earthmoving and civil works projects.

The privately owned Australian company is served by expert staff and specialises in both large contract works and small projects in the areas of demolition, earthworks, detailed excavation, drainage, road works and all civil excavation, all at competitive rates.

Director and manager Axle Donaldson said the business provided extensive professional excavation services to South East Queensland including Brisbane for “all types of clients”.

“We carry out large contract works and small projects in the areas of rock walls, demolition, earthworks, detailed excavation, tree clearing, drainage, asphalting, road works and civil excavation,” he said.

“We pride ourselves on ensuring an excavation site is thoroughly prepared on time and within budget. With the specific needs of clients in mind, we will promptly and efficiently clear sites of all unwanted obstacles and excavate to the required level to get them ready to build.

“Axles specialises in difficult and challenging jobs that other earthmoving companies will not venture into. No job is too big, too small, or too difficult.

“With machines ranging from one to 30 tonnes, we can accommodate all earthmoving and demolition needs.”

Axles uses a modern fleet of earthmoving equipment and machines for hire, all teamed with professional operators.

The range of equipment is suited to a wide range of projects, heavy duty excavation and smaller limited access sites, and include Hitachi excavators from 1.7t to 26t, skid steers, telehandler, trucks (including a semi, eight wheelers, tip trucks, tilt trays, water trucks, Moxys) site dumpers, rollers, compactors, a grader and a dozer.

However, no matter how efficient a machine is, sometimes it’s only as good as the attachments.

“Having the right attachment for the task is important as it allows the operator to do a quality job, in the shortest possible time,” Axle said.

For his choice of attachments, Axle looked no further than Gardner Engineering, one of Australia’s premier providers of cutting-edge excavator attachments and earthmoving accessories.

“They’ve been supplying us with tilt hitches, quick hitches, buckets, grabs, hydraulic thumbs, rippers and Dehaco DSG1102 rotating sorting grapples since 2018,” Axle said.

Just some of Axle Equipment’s fleet of excavators, 70 per cent of which are using Gardner attachments. Image: Axles Equipment

The current Axles fleet count is at least 20 excavators, 70 per cent of which are using Gardner attachments.

“We have a great working relationship with Gardner Engineering, that has been ongoing for around 12 years,” Axle said.

“Gardner prides itself on delivering a great product on time with fantastic backup service and warranty.

“We find their equipment attachments have outlasted other brands, because of the way they are constructed and the thought and detail going into their designs.

“The main reason that we will continue to work alongside Gardner engineering is due to the fact that director Michael Gardner is very hands-on, and he is passionate about the product that he delivers.

“His attention to detail allows contractors to work without having breakdowns or failures.

“It’s all about longevity in this industry. Michael is always on hand to discuss new ideas and how to improve productivity.”

Attachment appeal

Gardner Engineering knows all too well the importance of convenience, which is why, as Axle mentions above, the company offers a wide selection of different accessories for excavators.

Michael Gardner said the product offering includes everything from buckets and teeth through to hydraulic thumbs and everything in between.

In particular, Gardner offers a full range of quality tilting quick hitches for excavators.

“When undertaking digging on a project, there are many areas that are simply too difficult to use a normal bucket attachment to get to,” Michael said.

“While you could get out there and put in some manual labour time to get it done, that’s most likely just too time-consuming.

“You have the excavation machinery, so make sure you also have the proper attachments to complete the job well.

“Utilising tilting quick hitches for excavators will most definitely end up saving you time and effort, allowing the project to be completed efficiently.”

The tilting quick hitch allows users to simply tilt attachments rather than having to move the entire machine, greatly improving the productivity and versatility of the machine, and resulting in better productivity and increased profits.

Applications for this accessory include demolition, ditch cleaning, ripping landscaping, site development, road build, railway construction, forestry, bush cutting, and mining.

Michael said that designing and manufacturing a product such high quality hitches requires a high level of experience and skill, as users need to feel secure in the knowledge that it won’t fail at a crucial moment.

“At Gardner Engineering Australia, our reputation for delivering top-quality products time and time again has been built up over several years, putting us at the forefront of excavator accessories,” he said.

A Gardner tilting quick hitch. Image: Gardner Engineering

“You can feel confident that when you buy from us, you’re buying a product that has been manufactured with precision, right here at our factory located in Australia.

“Since we first opened our doors more than 20 years ago, we have delivered outstanding items to our customers every time, and go above and beyond to ensure 100 per cent satisfaction.”

To ensure total confidence in what the company supplies, Gardner Engineering also provides a warranty on all of its products for a full 12 months from the date of purchase, with a longer three-year guarantee on the tilting quick hitches.

And it’s this level of service that has further strengthened the appeal of the company to Axle.

“Gardner is locally owned and supplies quality attachments in an extremely time efficient manner,” Axle said.

“The aftersales and maintenance services are second to none and staff are always helpful.

“We will continue to purchase attachments and use the services they provide well into the future.”


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