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Australian-made noise and dust monitoring device deployed on Inland Rail Project

Railroad track rails in coutry landspace

A locally made noise, dust, and vibration monitoring device is helping McConnell Dowell’s Inland Rail Project team keep on top of the environmental impact of its construction works.

The smart device, known as the SiteHive, provides real-time data, which allows teams to monitor and manage potential disruption to local communities.

McConnell Dowell's Steve Eeles poses with a SiteHive device.
McConnell Dowell’s Steve Eeles with the SiteHive device. Image courtesy of McConnell Dowell.

The tool can identify the sources of construction noise and provide clear graphical reporting of the noise situation on site, which allows works to be altered to minimise their impact.

Construction managers can quickly verify and respond to noise complaints and exceedances by shutting down or rescheduling specific works. Noise reduction controls such as noise blankets and walls can also be considered.

McConnell Dowell’s environmental manager on the Inland Rail Project, Steve Eeles, said the SiteHive allows the team to keep on top of noise and vibration spikes and work with construction partners proactively to manage the impact.

“The real time monitoring allows us to see levels remotely, which is a huge advantage on a project as geographically spread as ours,” he said.

Beyond the Inland Rail Project, SiteHive has also been used on major civil projects across Australia and New Zealand, including Victoria’s West Gate Tunnel and Level Crossing Removal projects, as well as NSW’s Coffs Harbour Bypass, Western Sydney Airport Station Box and Tunnels, and Sydney Metro’s WSA Eastern and Western Tunnels Packages.

A Sydney-based start-up, SiteHive designs, engineers, and manufactures its products in Australia. The business also partners with social enterprise CNS Precision Assembly for the manufacturing and assembly of key custom electronic components.


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