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Australian made for Australian conditions: OTR Australia

OTR Australia’s Travis Parsons breaks down his company’s offering, and the importance of local manufacturing backed by local knowledge.

OTR Australia is keeping the wheels of the mineral resources sector turning with its comprehensive manufactured offerings – a range of products and services for the mining, construction, and agricultural markets.

Backed by a team of highly experienced staff, the Australian company works to ensure OTR wheels and rims provide longevity, workplace safety, and minimal equipment downtime with a regular maintenance and servicing regime.

OTR Australia offers wheel and rim inspection, reporting, advice, repairs, and certification services for all markets. The business works closely with clients to develop an optimal maintenance schedule that strengthens fleet efficiency and compliance, while minimising pre-emptive inspections.

OTR Australia General Manager – Sales, Travis Parsons says one of the company’s most popular offerings is its non-destructive testing service, which is used to identify corrosion, cracks, burrs or other imperfections.

He says this is achieved through ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing, which gives clients extremely accurate results on wheel and rim conditions.

OTR Australia also offers purpose-built solutions, designed, and manufactured in Australia.

“In essence, we look for anything that might prevent the wheel or rim performing optimally,” Travis says.

“Safely reducing our client’s downtime is the heart of these operations. Our workshop team will inspect and assess your wheels and rims to ensure any defects are identified and provide advice on the best course of action for repair.

“Nationally our facilities are widespread and located in areas to best suit our customer base.”

Aside from holistic maintenance and repair services, OTR Australia is also gaining popularity amongst domestic industry operators for its ability to extend wheel life.

“There are now a range of products available to maximise the life of a wheel,” Travis says. “These heavy-duty options allow for extended service intervals, which in turn safely saves our clients downtime.”

Travis says OTR can also help clients identify the right kind of wheel for their operation.

“Depending on our client’s scope, lightweight wheels may be the best option as they enable higher payload by reducing tare machine weight,” he says. “With our in-house engineering and manufacturing, we are designing and manufacturing new items every month.”

Operators looking for a fresh set of wheels can also engage OTR Australia for purpose-built solutions designed and manufactured in Australia.

Specially crafted to thrive in Australian terrain, the wheels and rims are a more durable product engineered to the unique mineral resources sector environment.

Travis says Australian-made products mean clients can enjoy easy sourcing and high-quality products made with local knowledge.

He says the company offers a complete range of wheels, stretching from six to 63 inches in diameter, including fixed welded wheels, adjustable bolted tractor wheels, and demountable rim options.

“We manufacture and carry a complete axle assembly and spare parts range, too,” Travis says.

“It’s so we can also support our OEM and aftermarket clients.

“Within our Australia owned business group, we can supply tyres, solid fill, tyre fitting, and advice for all tyre requirements. It’s a real one-stop shop.

“We understand your fleet is critical to your business, and it all starts with the wheels. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can support you.”

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