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Atlas Copco Bucket Crushers

BC 2500 and BC 3700

Bucket crushers are an effective and low-cost way to meet crushing needs on a worksite. A bucket crusher mounted on an excavator, skidsteer or other onsite machinery allows inert material to be crushed and re-used on site. That means less transportation, handling and dumpsite costs.

Atlas Copco’s new BC 2500 and BC 3700 models offer maximum efficiency and minimum downtime. The company says the new crushers provide high resistance to wear and fatigue and have up to 80 per cent more output than previous models.

New and improved

Bucket crushers are aimed at smaller jobs as an alternative to mobile jaw crushers.

Following on from the BC 3500 and BC 2250, the latest Atlas Copco attachments are not only improvements on the existing range, they’re effectively new. Glenn Illingworth, Atlas Copco’s Business Line Manager Construction Tools, tells the story. “We’ve redesigned the attachments from the ground up,” explained the Sydney-based executive. “We aimed at them being more productive. We’ve put in two motors instead of one, so the crusher does the work a lot easier, but it also allows reversing the action of the crusher. If there’s a jam, it can be easily removed.

“It’s a unique feature of the machine.”

And a time-saving one, for sure.

A jam means lost time and lost productivity, so even though Atlas Copco has made that situation far easier to deal with than it is on competitors’ bucket crushers, it’s also come up with an innovation to reduce the likelihood of a jam occurring.

“The BC 2500 and BC 3700 have a pivoting plate specifically designed to minimise the incidents of large rocks or boulders getting jammed in the first place.” What Glenn’s describing is an automatic anti-lock mechanism that gives continuous repositioning of the material, ensuring even larger pieces are guided automatically in the direction of the crushing jaw.

Not only that, but the new attachments are able to crush up to 99 tonnes per hour with their circular crushing cycle from the advanced, twin-drive system with two hydraulic motors, and the internally mounted drive system allows a narrower shape without compromising loading capacity.

Real workers

Any working machinery needs maintenance. There’s no way to avoid it, and it’s downtime that has to be factored into every working day. Atlas Copco bucket crushers are designed and built to offer maximum work time on minimum maintenance. Glenn Illingworth described the BC 2500 and BC 3700 as ‘virtually maintenance-free’.

Along the same line of thought, where adjusting granulometry – the crushing size – on most existing crushers requires a technician and specialised tools, the new Atlas Copco crushers allow fast granulometry adjustment by the operator.


All types of inert material, including asphalt, stone and concrete debris, and mine and quarry material, can be crushed and reused on site using a rig-mounted Atlas Copco BC bucket crusher.


Atlas Copco BC 2500 and BC 3700 features


  • Efficient crushing, big volume
  • Reversible running direction allows easy removal of jams
  • Quick and easy adjustment of crushing size granulometry
  • Reliable drive system provides maximum torque
  • Unique circular crushing cycle
  • Compact and robust design
  • Automatic anti-lock mechanism ensures constant productivity
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