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ASV’s Max-series posi-tracks – new revolutionary CTLS

This tough and reliable track loader delivers productivity for earthworks contractor.

Impact Earthworx provides site preparation earthworks with a focus on the newer and rapidly expanding residential subdivisions across Sydney’s north-western suburbs.

“When starting a new business, I knew that investing in rugged, reliable machinery was the best approach that would ensure I could deliver the service demanded by customers. You need to get the job done quickly, on time and need equipment that’s not going to burden you with costly downtime,” said owner Paul Azzopardi.

“My first machine was a Takeuchi TL250, a machine that performed perfectly for precision cutting out and levelling sites for foundations. We found it ideal for our type of work because of its strength of construction, power and versatility.”

When the time came for Paul to upgrade, he spent time checking out the latest machines to see if there were more productive options available.

“After looking around to compare the market, it quickly became apparent the obvious choice was the latest Takeuchi TL12R2. I was particularly attracted to the radial lift boom configuration, which suits the way I work, together with the stronger breakout force compared with the earlier model.

“Basically, I can’t fault the machine. It has a lot more comfort than the earlier model and retains the durability of the TL250, a feature that tops my list of requirements.

“The TL12R uses a Norm 4-in-1 pro bucket; great for our work because it’s bigger and heavier than the standard bucket. Being heavier, I can put more weight on the ground surface. It took a bit of getting used to, however once mastering it, I found you can get a lot more power into the ground. The anything operators can throw at them,” said Craig Doran, managing director of ASV Sales & Service. “But now, these new MAX-Series machines are a game changer for the entire industry. The existing renowned undercarriage system is now complemented by an extremely impressive next-gen cab that’s unbelievably comfortable and technologically advanced.”

The MAX-Series’ new fully suspended seat, featuring adjustable recline, slide, weight, and four-way arm rest settings, delivers unmatched comfort even on long and exhausting days. The seat is the most customisable in the industry and is accessible for virtually all operators regardless of their size.

A roomier cab offers up to 50mm more width at the shoulders, 200mm at the knees and up to 120mm more foot room. Added Bluetooth radio and phone connectivity, plus improved speakers and speaker placement and a new antenna placement for a better signal, provide all the audio quality you need for a long day on the job.

The deluxe all-weather cab unique to the MAX-Series models also stays quieter and is more resistant to outside dust and debris. Heat and cold levels inside the cab are customisable by an updated HVAC system, allowing for better circulation and improved temperature consistency.

“The MAX-Series machines are quickly developing a reputation for technology, visibility and ease of operation,” said Craig. “The MAX-Series really is a game changer for the entire industry. We have closely reviewed every track loader cab available in Australia and believe the new ASV MAX-Series loaders are unmatched for comfort, visibility and overall performance.”

The new MAX-Series cabs provide ultimate visibility with floor to ceiling glass and a frameless door, giving the operator 52 percent more glass area compared to previous ASV Posi-Track models. The result is premium 360-degree visibility with minimal obstructions in the operator’s line of sight, ensuring clearer vision of the attachment and surroundings. LED lighting as standard, and optional side lighting further enhance the overall visibility provided by the new cabs.

The next-gen cab’s optional new stateof-the-art 7-inch touch-screen display is simple-to-use and includes all vital monitoring tools, provides a view of the reversing camera, and integrates with service history and schedules such as engine oil changes and other maintenance needs. Gain a full understanding of your machine’s condition and possess unprecedented control over its operation.

In addition to the display, improved and intuitive switch locations and controls make the machine extremely easy to operate. Speed control is enhanced with a new dual throttle option, allowing you to operate at a set RPM with joysticks, and increase RPM with the foot throttle without needing to adjust the dial.

ASV MAX-Series compact track loaders are designed, engineered and manufactured to ensure long-term reliability. New wiring harnesses and fuse panels are fully sealed and watertight, and are installed in a configuration to further protect the electronics.

Working in forestry and land clearing?
Heavy-Duty guarding is also now compatible with all MAX-Series loaders, where previously only the RT-75 and RT-120 models were compatible. The protection configuration includes metal guarding against brush and debris around key areas, such as lights, the AC condenser and rear screen. Owners can also choose to include a factory-installed full rear brush guard, as well as a heavy-gauge FOPS level 2 cab; a feature previously only available on the RT-120 Forestry model.

In addition to better visibility of surroundings, the ASV MAX-Series models include the industry’s first compact loader roof escape hatch, allowing operators to exit the cab rapidly in emergency situations. MAX-Series Posi-Tracks also include ROPS and reinforced windows for impact resistance.

The MAX-Series also delivers the characteristic ASV performance operators have come to expect; all Posi-Track loaders are built from the ground up to include the company’s patented rubber track system, ensuring a smoother ride over every type of terrain.

Maximise ground contact virtually eliminates track derailment and facilitates maximum performance on steep slopes. The high number of contact points and wide tracks also provide industry-leading low ground pressure, and all models have superior ground clearance compared to competitor machines. This allows ASV Posi-Tracks to work in more places, in a wider range of conditions, and more comfortably than comparative track loaders.

ASV machines also deliver superior hydraulic and cooling efficiencies. All models include large line sizes, hydraulic coolers and directdrive pumps – rather than belt-driven pumps – transferring more flow and pressure directly to the attachment and preventing power loss. ASV’s advanced cooling system helps operators run MAX-Series machines at 100 per cent load, 100 per cent of the time in ambient temperatures up to 47 degrees Celsius.

In addition, intelligently-engineered drive motors transfer maximum torque to the patented internal-drive sprockets, where internal rollers reduce friction loss in the undercarriage and maximise the overall power output to the tracks.

The MAX-Series is also backed with ASV’s new industry-leading 2-year/2000-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty – which even covers tracks for the entire period and includes the industry’s first and only no-derailment guarantee.

ASV’s new MAX-Series Posi-Track loaders are genuine game-changers in the compact track loader market and need to be experienced to be believed.

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