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ASV RT-135 Posi-Track Loader – the most powerful CTL ever

Featuring 10 per cent more horsepower than its predecessor (the ASV RT-120), the new ASV RT-135 Posi-Track Loader has claimed the title of the most powerful Compact Track Loader in the world.

ASV haven’t produced this new marvel for titles and records, however – the RT-135 is designed to give operators a new level of performance, comfort, efficiency and profitability.

Maximum power is paired with a premium operator experience, as the completely upgraded RT-135 is part of the new ASV MAX-Series lineup – offering superior comfort and enthralling new ease-of-use.

In addition, the optional Forestry variant of the RT-135 is outfitted with forestry-rated guarding and safety features, and is therefore built to tackle for brush cutting, mulching, land clearing and other debris-heavy applications with never-before-seen efficiency.

Key Features:
• Industry-leading 132 horsepower Cummins engine and 189 LPM maximum auxiliary flow allows the RT-135 to transfer more engine power to the attachment with no sacrifices to machine performance.
• 196 litre fuel tank – 83 litres larger than its RT-120 predecessor – ensures minimal downtime for refuelling and therefore maximised profitability.
• Significantly boosted tipping load capacity of 5379kg – up from the 4853kg offered by the RT-120.
• New MAX-Series Cab: 360-degree visibility, LED lighting, more spacious, pressurised for all-weather performance, Bluetooth phone connectivity, and a state-of-the-art 7-inch touch-screen display provides vital monitoring tools, displays the reverse camera view, and integrates with service history and schedules.
• Intuitive operator controls benefit operators of all skill levels and a dual throttle option.
• Frameless door with 3/4-inch polycarbonate, plus 1/2-inch polycarbonate side panels (meets level 2 safety standards).
• Includes a roof escape to improve operator safety in emergency situations.
• Less dirt penetration and easier-to-access engine componentry results in minimised service and repair requirements.
• Improved undercarriage: redesigned torsion axles are 20 per cent stronger and 150mm wider than their predecessors for improved comfort, stability and less ground disturbance, and a class-leading 381mm of ground clearance allows operators to work where other machines can’t.

Furthermore, ASV stands behind the reliability of its entire range of Posi-Track loaders, with an industry leading 2-year, 2000-hour warranty – plus a nationwide Australian service network ready to assist with any machine requirement, to minimise your downtime and maximise your profitability.

For more information on the new ASV RT-135 and RT-135F Posi-Track Loaders, contact your local dealer to schedule a demo or product walkaround at

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