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ASV POSI-Track Sets The Benchmark For CTLs

Compact Track Loaders are renowned for delivering an unmatched level of versatility, performance, comfort and efficiency for operators.

Within the CTL marketplace there exists a broad spectrum of makes and models available to consumers, which makes choosing your next track loader more difficult than ever. Undoubtedly, however, remains the fact that ASV Posi-Track compact track loaders – from the compact yet powerful RT-30 all the way up to the robust and commanding RT-120 – tick all the necessary boxes owners and operators look for in a CTL machine.



Several key characteristics combine to make ASV Posi-Tracks the most productive machines on the market: speed, traction, power and accessibility. With maximum travel speeds exceeding those of any key competitors in the CTL market, ASV Posi-Tracks allow operators to move around work sites quickly. Delays often caused by the time required to traverse between pickup and dump areas can severely impact the duration of a project, and so ASV have designed their Posi-Track machines to significantly reduce wasted time. Thanks to a notably higher tractive effort offered by Posi-Track machines in comparison to other CTLs, operators are also able to push loads and climb slopes with enhanced speed. This capability is primarily delivered by the powerful engines under the ASV hoods, famed throughout the industry for delivering surprising levels of power in relation to the size of machine. What’s more, all this speed and power is housed upon an industry-leading undercarriage with a maximised ground clearance height, allowing unmatched access to uneven or boggy terrain. The overall machine widths have also been narrowed as much as possible without compromising safety and stability; each ASV model is often noticeably slimmer than competitor machines even to the naked eye.

This allows the machine to access tighter spaces than most others, delivering crucial accessibility improvements for operators on residential sites. The result: your ASV Posi-Track will work faster, harder and more efficiently in a wider range of conditions than any other compact track loader.


ASV’s patented Posi-Track undercarriage design is not only constructed to maximise performance, but also enhance operator comfort. When testing out ASV Posi-Track machines, many operators instantly remark about the noticeably increased level of ride comfort and smoothness. This is delivered by several unique ASV Posi-Track undercarriage elements working together to absorb and dampen shock. High quality tracks, toughened rubber wheels, dual torsion suspension axles and an elevated roller sprocket combine to significantly reduce the shock felt by the operator whilst also delivering more power from the engine to the tracks. Combine this impressive shock absorption system with larger cabs, easy-to-use controls and a comfortable seat, and the result is all-day comfort for the operator, increasing productivity and overall satisfaction. This unique ASV Posi-Track undercarriage design really is an engineering masterpiece.


ASV Posi-Track Loaders have come a long way in recent years, with the engineering team at ASV determined to produce a machine that not only improves performance and comfort, but also reduces ownership costs. The patented ASV Posi-Track undercarriage utilises a ‘Positive Internal Drive System’, which has been specifically designed to dramatically reduce overall cost of ownership and machine downtime. There is no direct wear between the track and the sprocket and both can be serviced independently, enhancing track life and reducing service costs. Inner pins can be rotated 180 degrees – doubling service life – and hardened steel sprocket sleeves are individually replaceable. This again reduces maintenance costs in comparison to competitor models, which often require the entire sprocket to be replaced all at once. The sprocket is designed to withstand forward and reverse movement with equal efficiency, unlike other manufacturer undercarriages, which wear quickly in reverse. The Posi-Track bogey wheels, made of durable hardened rubber, can wear to less than half of their original condition before needing to be replaced. Furthermore, innovative tracks made of a Kevlar-like durable rubber with no steel componentry extend track life significantly. Alternative tracks which incorporate steel components tend to rust and wear much faster, resulting in reduced track life and increased ownership cost. ASV tracks are also easier to tighten and remove, using just one nut in a matter of seconds. Overall, it’s unquestionable that ASV Posi-Track undercarriages and their recent innovations have resulted in a compact track loader that is overall faster, easier and cheaper to service than many competitor machines.


ASV Sales & Service, together with its national ASV Posi-Track Dealer Network with sites throughout Australia, delivers unmatched parts and service support to every Posi-Track Loader nationwide. ASV Sales & Service’s warehouse consistently maintains over 75,000 parts on the shelf – around $8M in parts inventory – and they are proud to provide at least a 98 per cent fill rate on spares over the counter. That means that whether it’s a bolt, filter, track or an engine, ASV Sales & Service are likely to have it in stock and ready to fit to your machine, minimising downtime and maximising your profitability.


All ASV Posi-Track machines share the impressive features of productivity, comfort and serviceability in equal measure. Whether you choose an RT-30, RT-40, RT-60, VT-70, RT-75 or RT-120 machine, you’re certain to be impressed by the ASV Posi-Track design and manufacture quality. In addition, with the backing of ASV Sales & Service’s national parts and service support network, investing in an ASV Posi-Track Loader doesn’t just give you a high quality machine – you receive complete whole-of- life support to thoroughly maximise your return on investment.

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