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Anyone interested in a new way to cart asphalt?

EjectX by ShawX Manufacturing has a new innovation ejector body that ejects material without tipping. The big factor with this is that it reduces any safety risks. This body allows you to efficiently deposit the payload exactly where and how you want it, every time, regardless of your surroundings.

We took some time with Kenny from ShawX Manufacturing, to talk to him about the features of the EjectX body and he provided us with some answers, to the most commonly asked questions about their Ejector body (EjectX);

  1. Does it tip?
    No the EjectX always stays in a fixed and stable position, which reduces driver error and gets the material exactly where you need it without any risks of powerlines, overhanging tree limbs, signage and uneven ground – all the things that are a part of working with tip trucks.
  2. What material can you cart?
    You can put any material in the back including rock, fill, demolition material, concrete and asphalt, hot or cold.
  3. What size does it come in?
    The most common size is 6m (6.2m, 6.3m, 8 wheeler). It also comes in 7.6m (10 wheeler) and 4.8m (Boggi drive).
  4. Can I put one on my existing truck?
    Yes you can. These bodies can be tailor made to suit your needs or your truck.
  5. Can the ejection system be fitted to my existing tipper?
    No. The EjectX body is a completely engineered design, putting the gussets and the stiffeners in the correct position to take the forces applied to the body when unloading.
  6. Why should I get an EjectX over a tipper?
    Safety is the number one reason. The industry is trending towards outlawing tippers for general use due to the safety issues. The EjectX has safety as its number one feature so is suitable on all sites. Wherever the truck can be driven, it can be unloaded.
  7. How does it work?
    There is absolutely no tipping involved. In a fixed and stable position, the design incorporates a purpose-built, double bushed horizontal hydraulic ram that pushes a plough through the Bisalloy body, ejecting any material you put in the back of it. This is an all-round heavy duty work product. ShawX have designed and built this body to incorporate as many features as possible, so it can be used in many varied conditions.
  8. What maintenance is involved?
    We have designed this body with low maintenance in mind. As any business owner knows time off the road is a cost so we have tried to make this body as simple as possible.

The only real maintenance involved is the seal around the plough – they say this is a consumable part, averaging around 6 months depending on the conditions. Otherwise, there is very little maintenance involved.

  1. Do you just manufacture the one type?
    No. We also manufacture an asphalt-specific body as well, for those running a free flowing material. This body is narrower for loading pavers. It is significantly lighter and set up for the asphalt industry.

I would suggest if you are into asphalt, it is worth a look. We have listened to what the industry needs and we think we have it covered.

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