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NSW-based rail and civil construction business Anric Group is pushing the envelope on sustainability with the introduction of a brand-new, fully electric Hitachi ZE85 excavator.

A dedicated client of Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA), Anric Group founder Riccardo Spinozzi acquired a Hitachi UH063 excavator back in 1984. This excavator, refurbished over time, now serves as a cherished collector’s item, standing as a testament to the brand’s enduring reliability and longevity.

Over the years, HCA and Anric have established a strong working relationship founded on trust and mutual respect, and driven by shared goals and effective communication.

And in a pioneering move toward a more sustainable future in construction, Anric has recently made waves with its latest acquisition: a fully electric 8.5-tonne Hitachi ZE85 excavator.

This strategic decision places Anric – a leader in rail and civil applications – at the forefront of innovation in industries transitioning towards greater environmental sustainability.

No compromise

The introduction of an electric excavator – the first of its kind in its size category to be introduced in Australia – underlines HCA’s dedication to environmentally conscious practices in an industry traditionally characterised by raw power.

With a view to push the boundaries of safety, quality, and environmental sustainability through cutting-edge technology, Anric had shown a keen interest in the ZE85, researching and engaging with HCA, even before the machine’s official release to the Australian market.

“The ZE85 has been a long time in the making and something we have wanted to do for a long time,” says Anthony Spinozzi, Anric Group’s Operations Manager. “No other OEM has managed to get a production machine to market that is as well tested.”

The ZE85, a compact and agile 8.5-tonne electric excavator, is built on the foundation of the highly efficient Hitachi ZX85USB-5.

Anric believes the ZE85 excavator will be perfectly suited to large tunnel infrastructure. Image: HCA

Boasting a robust 40kW output, it meets the same high performance standards as its diesel-powered counterpart, but with zero emissions. In contrast to machines powered by combustion engines, the electric powertrain demands no maintenance, minimising downtime. Additionally, the integrated telematics system provides the customer with valuable data.

Carbon-free, emission-free, and remarkably quiet, the ZE85’s L-ion battery provides a continuous operating time of five and a half hours with three batteries, and with space for an optional fourth to increase usage time.

Equipped with a standard CCS fast charge plug, the battery can achieve a charge from zero to 100 per cent in just 45 minutes – even a quick 30-minute charge during a break can bring the machine’s battery level from zero to 80 per cent.

If a CCS connection is not available on-site, the ZE85 can be trickle charged via an AC 400 V CEE 63-amp power supply (zero to 100 per cent in 105 minutes), or via a 400 V CEE 32- amp power supply (zero to 100 per cent in 210 minutes).

The batteries can also be charged in “dual mode” while the machine is in operation, further reducing downtime.

Powering forward

Anric believes the ZE85 excavator is best suited for large tunnel infrastructure projects, utilising the machine not only above ground but also within confined excavation boxes or tunnels. The purchasing decision was driven not only by the machine’s sustainability features, but also by the consideration of low noise levels and improved air quality for workers outside the cabin.

“From the initial conversations of acquiring the ZE85, factory visits, testing to scheduling a production spot and configuring a build, HCA simplified the process, delivering on their commitments,” Anthony says.

“Anric takes on major infrastructure projects across NSW, Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland, so It will be interesting to see what projects jump at the opportunity to have this innovative, game-changing technology assist them to meet their goals.”

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The Hitachi ZE85 is carbon-free, emisson- free and remarkably quiet. Image: HCA


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