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Another Milestone For Tutt Bryant Equipment

2020 presents for Tutt Bryant Equipment, another milestone to celebrate. From transitioning the 50+ year dedicated partnership of Mustang skid steer loaders to the Gehl branded range of wheeled and tracked models. New name, same distributor to continue the supply of skid steers loaders into the construction and agricultural markets right here in Australia.

The Gehl brand is no newcomer and with its long history of innovative thinking and advancements we can expect to see a wellrounded loader in the Australian market.

The roots of Gehl Company go back to 1859 when Louis Lucas opened an iron foundry in central Wisconsin. Lucas established his business to manufacture ploughs and cultivators, and for the repair of farm implements.

In 1902, John W. Gehl acquired part interest in the firm of Lucas and Silberzahn. One year later Gehl, who had been raised on a homestead in central Wisconsin, asked his brothers Mike, Henry and Nick to join him and purchase all the assets of Lucas and Silberzahn. By 1904, the Gehl Brothers Manufacturing Company was producing a wide range of basic farm tools and, of course, the extremely lucrative Hexelbank. During the next two years, the company prospered, and the four brothers began to consider the manufacture of more innovative farm equipment.

As Gehl Company continued to grow during the early part of the 20th century, the firm developed a reputation as one of the most innovative and reliable farm equipment operations in the Midwest.

By the end of World War II, Gehl Company was ready for the expansion that came with America’s role as the “breadbasket” of the world. Although there wasn’t much technological innovation and change during the immediate post-war years, the four Gehl brothers had positioned themselves carefully to take advantage of the agricultural changes that were on the horizon.

In 1970, Gehl Company management decided to enter the construction machinery industry and introduced its very own skid steer loader. The Gehl loader had unique controls that enabled the driver to control all the machine’s functions with his hands and, as a result, became very popular within the construction industry.

The first Gehl-designed machine rolled off a Gehl assembly line in July 1973 in Madison, S.D., where Gehl-brand skid steers are still manufactured. The decade of the 1980s was the best for the company. Gehl experienced explosive growth in all its construction and agricultural equipment product lines. Six years of increasing sales and expansion-oriented acquisitions policies pushed revenues up by 220 per cent; net sales skyrocketed from $38.5 million in 1985 to $174.9 million by 1990.

Gehl company continued to concentrate on designing and manufacturing high-quality, dependable, and economical construction and agricultural equipment for discerning customers. Perhaps one reason behind this resurgence was that the new management team formed during the early 1990s included William D. Gehl, one of the descendants of the founders as president and chief executive officer.

The Mustang brand was acquired by Manitou when it bought Gehl Company in 2008. The buyout followed a telescopic loader partnership between Manitou and Gehl, formed in 2004. Gehl originally bought Mustang Manufacturing in 1997. Manitou and its operations immediately started to expand business with various changes experienced the following years.

Today in Australia, Gehl will aim to be leading the way with simplicity if required but the power, performance and innovations to meet the everyday challenges that every terrain presents.

Tutt Bryant Equipment is the sole Australian Gehl Dealer continuing to supply wheeled and tracked loaders, continuing their strong relationship transitioned from Mustang to Gehl.

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