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AMB and LiuGong: Filling the market gaps


A LiuGong excavator has impressed NSW earthworks company AMB Earthworks so much it bought two more other machines; and more purchases look likely in the future.

Northern New South Wales civil industry specialist Mitch Brewer saw a gap in the market in the region for mid-size contractors, and just over three years later he is well on the way to filling it.

His AMB Earthworks business, now based out of Tamworth and Gunnedah in the New England area, started with one machine, including for dry hire before progressing to wet hire.

AMB now employs 15 staff and has accumulated 34 assets, including truck and dog trailers, excavators, graders, wheeled loaders, dozers and crushers.

Mitch, whose civil career commenced in the residential sector around Tamworth, said 80-90 per cent of the work by AMB was for civil contracts.

“We’re involved with a lot of large local builds, pipe laying and State and local government roads, where we also hire out trucks to local councils, and we do a lot of screening and some subdivisions,” Mitch said.

It also has carried out flood clean-up work and clearing for bushfire mitigation throughout the region.

“We’ve been able to grow steadily and sustainably.”

Mitch Brewer and wife Aami-Lee with the powerhouse LiuGong 856H wheeled loader.

Alongside the civil equipment line-up and work, a key drawcard of the business has been the availability of a full concreting team to support projects, providing a complete, turn- key solution to customers and helping them avoid the need to chase contractors.

AMB Earthworks has maintained a strong relationship with Pacific Machinery Group for its equipment requirements, underpinned by the excellent service constantly provided by the group, and several LiuGong machines have joined its fleet in recent times.

“We won a local contract and needed a digger, and Liam (King) from PMG raised having a look at a LiuGong, which, for the cost and with its warranty period, was pretty hard to beat, so we were very interested,” Mitch said.

The 25-tonne 925E excavator is powered by a 180-horsepower, Tier 3/Stage IIIA Cummins engine and can dig to near seven metres with a 1.4m3 bucket.

“It’s easily our strongest digging machine. It digs harder than our equivalent machines,” Mitch said.

“We have an oversized mud bucket and for loading trucks and bulking out quickly, it can do the work of a 30t machine.

“It’s heavier in the rear, so it can handle it, and it’s an animal, with a huge amount of grunt for bulk earthworks and moving a lot of material. Against another machine, it will dig it out faster.”

Mitch said the LiuGong 925E also had the same components as other machines and had proved more reliable.

“When we got the excavator, we really had a look over it closely and were impressed with the build quality and all the hose protection. Everything was spot-on.”

“We’ve got other posi-track equipment and the hoses are worn out, whereas the LiuGong machines are much better.”

Mitch said a couple of machine operators in the business were a little nervous to sit in the excavator at first, but they now preferred it and enjoyed the cab environment in the nice, cool air-conditioning.

“Our Operations Manager loves it,” he said.

Following the fantastic experience with the LiuGong excavator, AMB Earthworks later added a 6615E roller and 856H wheeled loader from LiuGong.

Tier 3/Stage III Cummins engines also are at the heart of the roller and wheeled loader machines. The 15t roller has a working width of 2.1m, while the near 18t loader comes with a 3.5m3 bucket.

“The loader is absolutely brilliant. I’ve driven a few in my time and it’s a powerhouse. They have nailed it and I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s not overflowing with technology, but it’s enough and it all works well,” Mitch said.

He said LiuGong machines were starting to become more commonplace in the industry and they were attracting good operational feedback.

“We have had other reputable brands that we have had more issues with. For the work the LiuGong machines are doing and being rated the same, they more than stack-up as an investment.,” he said.

“The price difference compared with other machines can be significant, particularly with the loader – you can be around $200,000 better off.”

More about the machines

  • LiuGong 925E excavator

The 925E excavator brings together the best of technology, safety features and sheer grunt power to deliver a fuel efficient and effective machine to tackle the toughest of jobs.

The design of the Cummins engine enhances torque output, which provides more power and breakout force at lower engine speeds.

The hydraulic request signals detect activity and decrease and increase the engine’s speed as required. Power is supplied only when needed, maximising the fuel efficiency of the 925E.

Like other machines in LiuGong’s E series, the machine switches quickly and easily between a wide range of attachments to suit the job site or task.

The 925E comes with options for auxiliary hydraulic piping, which includes bi-directional variable high-flow line, an additional line for rotating attachments, and a single acting line.

The E series cab features high-strength Roll- Over Protective Structures (ROPS) to ensure operator protection. This meets the ISO 12117- 2:2008 safety standard. Optional Falling Object Protection System, or FOPs, is also available.

The LiuGong 6615E roller delivers the power needed for strong compaction in tough working conditions.
  • LiuGong 6615E roller

This machine delivers the power needed for strong compaction in tough working conditions. Featuring the powerful Cummins QSB4.5 Tier 3 engine, it delivers the power needed but with low fuel consumption and low noise.

The vibratory drum uses advanced technology. It has a built-in fan to reduce the work temperature of the vibration chamber.

The lubricating oil and sealing parts are long-lasting, and the eccentric shaft is durable, ensuring the vibration system is highly reliable.

The electric proportional hydraulic system and anti-slip system were adopted to ensure the whole machine has superior driving capacity and can easily deal with the toughest working conditions.

Because the vibration chamber is independent, it’s easy to repair and replace without tricky maintenance requirements or expense.

The wide-opening engine hood is convenient for daily maintenance, while the clever design means all service points are easy to reach.

  • LiuGong 856H wheel loader

Designed for tough, demanding applications, this medium loader consistently delivers higher breakout force at lower engine speeds.

Enjoy maximum torque output and minimal fuel consumption, thanks to LiuGong’s intelligent powertrain technology matched with the latest Cummins engine.

Users can increase productivity with LiuGong’s quick coupler and comprehensive range of attachments. Experience the ultimate in versatility with attachments such as multiple buckets, pallet fork, handing arm, grapple and snow blade, allowing for more to be done in less time.

Daily checks and maintenance are easy with a wide opening hood engine that provides fast and easy access to the machine’s logically positioned service points. Reduce costly downtime and increase productivity with easy access for maintenance.

Like other machines in LiuGong’s E series, the excavator switches quickly and easily between a wide range of attachments to suit the job site or task.



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