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ALLU Transformer – One-Step Material Processing

ALLU Transformer buckets are entirely driven by the hydraulics of the carrier machine and are designed to deliver a one-step screening, blending, sorting, mixing and loading solution capable of handling all materials from wet soils to coal and rock and demolition waste

The buckets can be fitted to skid steers, telehandlers, excavators or wheel loaders instantly converting them into a mobile primary screening and loading plant. A range of blade and drum sizes are available to provide fragment sizes of 10mm-105mm depending on drum and blade set up. Each application is different, so by interchanging drums, the bucket can be configured for optimal undersize and oversize to meet the needs of a particular site.

As the Transformer bucket begins processing, the undersize material falls through the bottom screen and can be tipped directly into a truck or processing plant. The oversize remains in the bucket and can be tipped onto a stockpile. An added bonus is the TS series bucket’s ability to handle wet material without clogging, which is often a serious challenge in clay-bound areas.

Built tough to suit these harsh environments, the frame of each Transformer bucket is made from 100 per cent wear-resistant Hardox steel and the M-Series utilises genuine CAT ground engagement tools, ensuring that replacement teeth can be sourced anywhere in the world. All blades, hammers and bars are hardened steel.

ALLU’s Transformer attachments provide processing and handling solutions for a number of industries and over 120 different types of applications. The ALLU Processing buckets are designed for use in soft rock quarries, handling of sand and gravel aggregates, material loading at ports, de-clumping of hardened materials and sorting and processing of green waste, compost materials and construction waste minimising demolition tip fees.

To further improve efficiency The ALLU M-series come with the data reporting system, Dare, which is placed inside the base machine cabin. Dare reports production data such as bucket count, processing time, total working time and processed tonnes for analysing and optimising working efficiency. It also reports on hydraulics, time elapsed, parts temperature and bucket angle.

ALLU customers and operators can download the ALLU app that notifies about the need for maintenance or replacement of wear parts.

Manufactured for over 30 years and distributed to over 30 countries, reliable ALLU Transformers are available in Australia via dedicated dealer network:

  • Victoria – Walkers Hammers
  • New South Wales – Ground Tec
  • Queensland and Northern Territory – Qld Rock Breakers (QRB)
  • Western Australia – Total Rockbreaking Solutions (TRS)
  • South Australia – RAM Equipment
  • Tasmania – DLM Machinery
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