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ALLU buckets help improve recovery rates


ALLU crusher buckets are a new heavy-duty range of hydraulic attachments purpose-built to meet the requirements of the demolition, quarrying and recycling industries.

Construction and demolition (C&D) waste is the third largest waste stream in Australia, behind municipal solid waste and commercial and industrial waste.

While there’s growing recognition in the industry that recycling C&D waste reduces the need for virgin resources, the national resource recovery rate in 2020-21 was still only 63 per cent, according to the National Waste Report 2022 prepared for the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.

One tool that can help improve C&D recovery rates and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill is the range of crusher buckets manufactured by ALLU.

ALLU Area Sales Manager Sami Rahman said the heavy-duty range of hydraulic attachments can be used in the effective recycling of troublesome materials.

“The ALLU Crusher effectively crushes different materials found in construction and demolition waste, such as concrete brick and rocks, pavement concrete blocks and pavers,” Sami said.

“The crusher works in two directions – forward mode for dry material and reverse mode for wet material – which helps to avoid jamming or bridging of the material. Reverse mode is particularly suited for asphalt crushing.”

Sami said the ALLU Crusher has long- lasting jaw plates and because there are no external parts affecting the material flow while loading, there is minimal wear and breakage.

All ALLU crushers have direct drive motor hydraulics resulting in less belts and maintenance of the belts. The flywheel and belt drive are placed inside the unit to keep them safe from wear.

ALLU crusher buckets come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different machines and applications.

A unique feature of the buckets is the ability to change the discharge size quickly (within three to five minutes) by simply removing the adjusting pin in the back and repositioning it to one of the numbered holes on the frame.

“The ALLU crusher will reduce waste volume by crushing it down to 16 different sizes starting at 0-16 milimetres, for the smallest fragment, up to the largest fragment of 0-200mm,” Sami said.

ALLU crusher buckets come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different machines and applications.

“They can be easily mounted on excavators and wheel loaders and used for primary and secondary crushing tasks, providing a cost- effective solution for material processing tasks,” Sami said.

A low speed and high torque motor ensures a quick start even when the crusher is fully loaded.

ALLU Crusher Buckets are easy to handle and are suited to tight and limited areas. They’re also available for skid steers from four to six tonnes.

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