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ALLU Buckets bring game changing versatility

A red ALLU screener crusher bucket processing rocky material

The ALLU series of screener crusher buckets offer a versatile solution for operators, reducing their material double handling needs.

Efficient material flow is vital to the success of any earthmoving enterprise and any improvements made in this area reflect positively on the bottom line of the P&L.

The ALLU series of screener crusher buckets, powered by the carrier they are mounted on, offer a solution for operators to reduce their material double handling needs.

The secret of the ALLU bucket range lies in its versatility.

Instead of requiring fixed plant to screen material on jobsites – which can be time consuming to transport and set up, with up to three trucks often required – the ALLU buckets attach to existing machinery and are ready to operate.

The buckets are also universal, meaning they can be transported wherever required before attaching to the machine and being put to work.

The ALLU buckets are manufactured in Finland and are built for efficient material processing. They can process any material that is able to be screened and sorted, such as demolition and construction waste, excavated and waste soil, contaminated soil, clay, peat, bark, compost, bio-waste and more.

“They’re probably the simplest bucket. They have the biggest range of different componentry on the market,” QLD Rock Breakers product specialist Craig Einam said.

In the buckets, motors are placed inside the frame to avoid damage caused by external material, while lubrication inside the chain boxes ensures a long lifetime for the transmission.

An ALLU screener bucket attached to a John Deere excavator
The ALLU Transformer series is already making progress in the pipeline sector in Australia.

The buckets screen material without back-and-forth rotation to produce a homogenous end product, even with wet materials. Both the D Series and DL Series feature Allu’s TS drum, which is available in 16mm or 25mm options, as well as a stabilising drum that is 50mm for the DL Series or 25, 40 or 60mm on the D Series.

The ALLU Transformer range is very popular within the pipeline industry in Australia. For example, if a pipeline were to be built between Dalby and Gladstone – an area spanning 478km – each joint in the line would require a guaranteed size of material to put back in the trenches, Einam explained.

“You can’t just push sticks and things back into the trench, they have to be screened,” he said.

“And because the ALLU buckets are an on-site screening bucket, you just hook it up to one machine.”

While the ALLU Transformer series is already making progress in the pipeline sector in Australia, Einam is hopeful of expanding the brand’s footprint in civil construction as a method to quickly repurpose material onsite.

By having an ALLU Transformer bucket available at the ready, civil workers wouldn’t have to move material offsite to be screened before hauling it back and reusing it. Instead, the processing bucket can screen the material right there.

“The push that we have here is into the civil construction and earthmoving industry, where they can repurpose material on site,” Einam said.

“They don’t have to truck it off, truck it back, or bring fixed plant on, which is expensive. They can quickly repurpose material. They might only do a week’s work on one site and then they can move to the next site. And they save a lot of money by not transporting material. Dump fees and transport costs are another big cost today on job sites.”

ALLU Tracker to measure performance

The ALLU Tracker, launched to the market last year, is an effective tool for measuring performance and knowing where the equipment is located. It eliminates the need for lots of manual time keeping, and owners and operators can understand the performance of their equipment.

The ALLU Tracker works with all ALLU attachments and can be fitted to all models. The benefit of having the tracker is you know where your equipment is by GPS pinpointing, and geo fencing. This gives you the ability to understand what your equipment is doing, and its last known location.

By increasing the awareness of what your machine is doing, you can manage your working load effectively, including operational hours and operational ability. The ALLU Tracker stores all information sent over to an easy-to-use dashboard, and the data is stored in the cloud including with the last known location.

ALLU network

ALLU products are distributed to over 30 countries around the world and in Australia through a nationwide network, servicing
major infrastructure projects including water and gas. The versatile ALLU system is quickly making inroads with civil and composting contractors.

The Australian network includes:


GroundTec in NSW

(02) 9642 2030

Walkers Hammers in VIC, SA and TAS

(03) 9315 3788

QLD Rockbreakers in QLD and NT

(07) 3452 0772

Total Rockbreaking Solutions in WA

1300 921 498


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