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Alemlube: Portable and versatile


Alemlube introduces a comprehensive range of portable and lockable diesel refuelling storage and dispensing pods, revolutionising fuel handling practices.

Building upon its reputation for quality and innovation, Alemlube has expanded its offerings to cater to a broader spectrum of operational needs, seamlessly integrating efficiency, security, and reliability.

The new range introduces diesel fuel storage capacities of 1200L, 1000L, and 800L, adding to Alemlube’s existing line-up of tanks with capacities of 100L, 200L, 450L, and 600L.

These tanks have been trusted by industries for their durability and performance, serving as a foundation for Alemlube’s continued advancements in diesel management solutions.

The hallmark of Alemlube’s portable and lockable diesel refuelling storage and dispensing pods lies in their construction.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the heavy-duty polyethylene tanks exhibit robustness and resilience, ensuring longevity even in the most demanding environments.

Backed by a substantial 15-year warranty, these tanks are a testament to Alemlube’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Alemlube’s dedication to enhancing operational efficiency is evident in the integration of Piusi 12V diesel pumps.

Available in high-flow (80L/min) and standard-flow (40L/min) configurations, these pumps facilitate swift and precise fuel transfer operations, optimising productivity.

The inclusion of self-priming electric pumps with a two-year warranty underscores Alemlube’s emphasis on performance and reliability.

A standout feature of Alemlube’s pods is their user-centric design.

Equipped with lockable lids, these pods offer enhanced security, safeguarding both the fuel and dispensing kit components from unauthorised access or tampering.

The innovative design allows for uninterrupted usage of hoses and nozzles, promoting operational convenience without compromising security.

The portable and versatile aspects of Alemlube’s pods are integral, making them suitable for diverse applications.

With forklift lift points and tie-down capability, these pods can be easily transported and securely anchored, facilitating seamless deployment across different operational settings. Internal baffles within the tanks not only bolster vehicle stability and safety enabling a safer working environment.

Alemlube’s pods adhere to stringent quality standards, exclusively designed for storing and dispensing diesel fuel.

Their dimensions are optimised to maximise space utilisation while ensuring ease of installation and operation, accommodating varying spatial constraints with ease.

Alemlube’s comprehensive range of lockable diesel refuelling storage and dispensing kits represents a paradigm shift in diesel management solutions.

By offering a range of tank capacities and integrating cutting-edge features, Alemlube empowers industries to streamline diesel fuel handling processes, enhancing efficiency, security, and reliability across the board.

Whether in construction, agriculture, or fleet management, Alemlube’s offerings are a benchmark in innovation and excellence in diesel fuel management.


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