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AJK Contracting & CJD Equipment

AJK Contracting is well into its third decade of operations, and the longevity of the earthworks, plant hire and landscape supplies business, based in Mackay in Queensland, is doubtless in large part attributable to its firm focus on developing strong, long-term client relationships, and an ingrained culture of completing each and every project undertaken to the highest standards.

Established in 1995, purchasing a small, one-man-operated sand yard in the locality of Foulden, locally-owned-and-operated AJK has branched out into a number of different areas since its formation, with it providing earthmoving services in Mackay and the surrounding regions, along with supplying a variety of landscaping and recycled materials, and offering truck and equipment hire.

AJK prides itself on providing first-rate customer service, high-quality products and delivering its clients superior work on time and on budget, and is committed first and foremost to excelling within its sphere of operations.

AJK Founder and Director Andy Kippen, ho has personally been involved in the earthmoving industry for close to 40 years, pointed in particular to AJK’s emphasis on treating all of its clients, both large and small, the same, and a capacity to “think outside the box” as qualities that set the business apart from its competitors.

“We currently provide long-term green waste services to the Mackay Regional Council, along with sand, soil and compost supplies to local and surrounding districts,” Andy commented. “We also carry out recycling of timber packaging and pallets for use in biofuel, along with recycling of concrete waste for use in our civil works.

“In addition to this, we have just completed stage three of the Magpies Sporting Club car park, and have also recently completed the Ozcare building bulk civil works, in addition to the Followmont Transport depot civil works and the IMS building civil works.”

With a fleet encompassing excavators, graders, loaders, rollers and a variety of trucks, AJK has over the years worked on a range of small and bulk earthworks projects across the commercial, industrial and government sectors in the Mackay region, including the construction of roads, drainage, car parks, building pads and hardstands.

From smaller projects right through to larger earthworks projects, Andy stressed the importance of both machine performance and flexibility in getting the job done efficiently and effectively.

“The equipment that we use needs to be reliable, capable and adaptable to both our business’ and our clients’ needs,” he stated.

To this end, he said that a range of factors – including value for money, professional servicing and parts back-up – had contributed to AJK’s decision to source equipment from privately owned Australian company CJD Equipment, the Australian distributors of Volvo and SDLG construction equipment.

Founded in 1974, CJD’s core business encompasses the distribution of construction equipment and trucks throughout Australia, with its network of branches, dealers and service centers stretching across the country, from capital cities to regional towns.

CJD’s product portfolio is supported by a fully integrated, Australia-wide spare parts division, comprising a comprehensive range of truck and earthmoving equipment parts, with its national supply network, and 24-hours, 7-days-a-week, after-hours call-out service, allowing it to locate parts quickly and dispatch them directly to customers.

Lea Clarke, CJD Business Development Manager SDLG, told EEM that in recent years AJK has added the SDLG LG959L wheel loader, SDLG L958F wheel loader, Volvo EC220D crawler excavator and three Volvo EC220DL crawler excavators to its fleet.

“Andy is a self-made success story, with the need to deal with a company that he can rely upon to discuss issues and find amicable business, service and construction solutions that are multi-purpose and versatile,” Lea said.

“He has a company that is constantly diversifying, and both he and his wife Sonya are always looking for ways to stay one step ahead in the recycling and construction industry. We at CJD are proud to be associated with Andy.”

Andy pointed to the importance of honesty and transparency in his business dealings, stating that CJD’s upfront approach has provided clarity and helped him decide which path his business will take.

“I have found with CJD that I have always been able to get straightforward answers, whether they be good or bad, and with that I can then make decisions about how the next step will progress,” he said.

“It is how a business addresses problems and issues that give you a true indication of how it operates. CJD was here in Mackay before I started dealing with them, and they certainly hold their own when compared to other national companies.”

Andy added that, regardless of market conditions and external factors, CJD has over the years remained steadfast in its approach to dealing with his business.

“In Mackay, over the last 15 years we have gone from boom to bust, and are showing the signs of recovery now,” he commented. “I had dealings with other national companies during the boom time, and as we were not involved with the mining industry, we found it hard to do business with these companies.

“However, when the mining industry went bust, they all wanted to get our business, and we found that through these times CJD didn’t change the way it did business with us.”

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