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AEI Transport and Civil Insurance Brokers

AEI Transport and Civil Insurance Brokers have been specialising in the Heavy Transport and Civil Insurance Broking for over 25 years.

Over the past 25 years, AEI have proudly grown to be one of the East Coast’s leading heavy transport and civil insurance brokers and advisers in all aspects of Insurance and Workers Compensation advice, with offices in Queensland, New South Wales, ACT and Victoria.

As Insurance Brokers, they share a common business philosophy with their clients who are looking for long term relationships offering professional solutions to assist with all their insurance needs and understanding.

This includes the owner operators as well as the larger operators.

AEI enjoy attending conferences and trade shows when possible, keeping in touch with their clients as well as industry developments.

AEI are very committed to a professional approach with the management of claims, the availability of specific civil contractor policy wordings and up to date insurance programme reviews.

The insurance market does change, and AEI are certainly experiencing tougher than usual times in an extremely uncertain economic environment, especially with the impact of Covid-19.

AEI are here to help, no Insurance query is too big, or too small. They pride themselves on their advice and customer support.

Risk management and mitigation certainly has a direct effect on the insurance market and its appetite, and it is therefore important to work tirelessly to ensure that the under-writing markets understand their clients risk management practices, helping to reduce exposures and prevent losses, in turn reducing premiums.

All AEI staff look forward to new opportunities in providing professional insurance solutions to the transport and civil industry and thank all their clients for their past and future appreciation of their expanding service.

If you would like to have a chat about your Insurance requirements, please contact us on;
Sarah Park: 0415 061 438
Jack Hardy: (02) 8913 1684

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