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A true all-rounder: the JCB Teleskid

A JCB Teleskid moving a pallet

The all-new JCB Teleskid is the first skid steer or compact tracked loader with a telescopic boom, making it an extremely versatile and robust machine.

With a vertical reach of over 4m and a forward reach of 2.5m, the JCB Teleskid is able to reach higher, further and deeper than any other skid steer on the market, allowing it to access areas you wouldn’t have thought possible in a traditional skid steer.

The JCB Teleskid’s lift capacity can handle the heaviest of loads, and its unique design ensures operators can quickly and easily load over obstacles or reach 900mm below ground, allowing users to rip out trees and roots with ease. The JCB Teleskid is also the only skid steer loader/compact track loader on the market with true bi-directional and extendable parallel lift, while its zero turning radius allowing operators to work in the tightest of spaces.

Easily transported between sites on a trailer, the JCB Teleskid can do the work of four machines – a forklift, telescopic handler, compact loader and of course a skid steer, providing unbeatable productivity.

The JCB Teleskid offers 270 degrees of visibility from within the cabin, thanks to its large front windshield which can easily be removed for a quick exit in case of an emergency. Meanwhile, the recessed rear door gives increased protection from damage. Its side door entry ensures there’s no clambering over a loaded bucket or a bulky attachment to get into the machine.

A JCB Teleskid with its telescopic boom extended
JCB’s Smoothride System ensures the JCB Teleskid offers greater load retention and operator comfort.

Fitted with a proven JCB EcoMAX engine, the JCB Teleskid provides increased performance at low engine speed for improved cycle times. With greater tractive force than a small telehandler or forklift, the JCB Teleksid has greater pushing power, even in sticky conditions.

JCB’s Smoothride System ensures the JCB Teleskid offers greater load retention and operator comfort. Its impressive breakout force allows the machine to do the work of bigger machines in less time, and with no DPF there’s no regeneration or loss of productivity. The JCB Teleskid’s standard two speed transmission also helps achieve quicker
travel and cycle times.

Providing 1.7m reach at full height, the JCB Teleskid allows operators to dump debris into a variety of hard-to-reach locations, while conventional skid steers struggle to attain similar heights. The Teleskid’s centralised lift and extension rams evenly distribute load stresses. The rams are held in place by keyhole castings to ensure structural integrity of the machine is not compromised.

Featuring a solid undercarriage with cast steel, triple flanged rollers, the Teleskid provides excellent track retention.

The JCB telescopic boom has a proven track record on over 200,000 machines produced to date. JCB conducts an extreme testing program on all machines that includes prolonged high stress loading, cold climate testing and repeated transmission use over thousands of cycles.  To ensure it is ready for the toughest of assignments, the Teleskid’s boom is mounted on a single-piece fully welded chassis to maximise strength and minimise weight. Featuring high strength steel, the boom has reduced joints, stress points and a single piece u-pressed design.

A standard flow option of 90 lpm on the JCB Teleskid allows users to operate attachments when fully extended. The SAE/ISO quick hitch, fitted to the JCB Teleskid as standard, lets operators utilise any skid steer and compact track loader attachment, with single point quick hitch lock and unlock flag for increased visibility.

Available in both wheeled and tracked configurations, the JCB Teleskid is available to order now through your local JCB CEA dealer.

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