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A reliable machine starts with a reliable battery genuine Cat® batteries

A dead battery means equipment downtime, lost productivity and reduced profits. Genuine Cat batteries can provide reliable starting power and the proven performance you need from your equipment.

Genuine Cat® batteries are built to withstand intense vibration that comes with your toughest jobs. They’re designed and tested to stringent specifications and rigorous tests. And of course, as a genuine Cat product, they’re also protected by Caterpillar’s comprehensive warranty program.

As Caterpillar Aftermarket Services Consultant Clarine Koh highlights, “Cat Heavy Duty batteries are manufactured exclusively for Caterpillar so you can’t find the same batteries anywhere else. Our heavy duty batteries are uniquely designed from the inside out to resist vibration, which is one of the top reasons why batteries fail in off-road battery applications. Our batteries have anchored full frame grids and a reinforced casing that ensures they can withstand vibration without suffering mechanical damage and loss of capacity while maintaining structural integrity.”

Every battery in the Cat portfolio is designed to work in the most extreme conditions.

Cat Heavy Duty Batteries
o Factory fitted on all Cat equipment and generator sets. These provide maximum vibration resistance and higher starting power.
o Uniquely designed from the inside out to resist vibration, one of the main cause of battery failure in off-road battery applications. Vibration resistance is well above industry standard.
o Thicker posts, thicker paste and thicker connectors for better reliability.
o Positive and negative plates are anchored to the container and locked at the top. The heavy duty grid design helps prevent short circuits, out gassing and water loss, which may extend battery life.

Cat General Duty Batteries
o Designed for optimal performance in moderate to light applications.
o Caterpillar offers a variety of lead-acid, gel and absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries that can be used for automotive and light truck, bus, RV, marine, industrial, agricultural, stationary power and recreational usage

When you need a replacement battery fast, you’ll usually find that your Cat dealer has heavy duty and general duty batteries in stock and ready to install. Or you can easily order anytime, anywhere from

Speak to your local Cat dealer for more information on the replacement and warranty program.

Are your batteries due for replacement? Make sure you’re prepared for a battery failure. Scan the QR code to order online at or contact your local Cat dealer for more information.

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