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A combination of the best products and the ability to solve problems sets 1800 HOSE VAN apart.

Over the years, the mobile hydraulic hose services industry has been serviced by many operators with minimal technical experience and/or lacking the variety of practical trade skills needed to do more than just make a hose. Whilst hose assembly may appear simplistic, a lack of genuine engineering understanding can cause hoses to be poorly made, unless key selection factors are considered. This has the potential to cause significant damage to persons or property, and of course downtime, which can have significant financial implications.

It is not just the ability to correctly select and assemble hoses but the knowledge to diagnose system problems and to provide the range of necessary services around the supply of the hose itself that the 1800 HOSE VAN network of operators excel, adding value to Australian businesses.

According to 1800 HOSE VAN’s National Business Manager Adam Bek, “Our network offers two significant advantages.”

“Firstly, we have the best operators, the most skilled and experienced in our industry.

It is their ability to solve problems, not just supply hoses that sets them apart. Each operator is not only an expert in their field but as a business owner themselves they understand the importance of uptime and will provide a customer experience that exceeds expectations.”


1800 Hose Van

“Secondly, we use product identified over decades as the best available in the Gates hydraulic hose and fittings range. Gates’ commitment to producing the best product in its class, tested to the highest standard in our industry, is what sets it apart. When you link the best operators in the country with the best product in the industry, you have a network that can genuinely support businesses in ensuring maximum output from their plant and equipment.”

Additionally, the unique partnership between 1800 HOSE VAN and Gates is focused on two core strengths – coverage as well as capability. Coverage is not simply having the most hose vans; to provide the best coverage you also need the best operators. “When we partner with a new operator joining the 1800 HOSE VAN network, we know that they are highly skilled, a best in class hydraulic technician.” With operators in all major industrial centres and major cities across the country, the 1800 HOSE VAN network can not only service your needs locally, but can continue to support you when your assets move, or as a national business when your plant and equipment is in various locations across the country.

As Australia’s fastest growing hydraulic hose services network, 1800 HOSE VAN not only provides the owners of plant and machinery with access to the best operators and products in the industry, it also provides the best operators the opportunity to join a network that can provide them with a unique opportunity to expand their business.

“We are always on the lookout for the best people to become 1800 HOSE VAN operators,” Adam says. “The best operators want to be associated with the best, and our network provides that.” This, together with access to the world’s premier hydraulic hose and fittings product, and as a part of a national service network, fully supported by Gates under the Gates brand that is synonymous with quality and performance, means the 1800 HOSE VAN network provides prospective operators access to high quality brand recognition, bolstering the growth in their own business.

“What we offer, we know is highly lucrative to our operators. We do this by not adding any unnecessary costs to our customers or our operators; we bring operators and customers together without any additional cost or expensive promotion. All that our customers pay for is the best product and the best knowledge and skill in our industry.

It’s simple, but it works.”

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