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$52.3m boost for WA building apprentices


The WA Government is investing $52.3 million to encourage more apprentices into good jobs in the building and construction industry and help them to complete their qualifications.

Milestone payments of $1000 will be made available for eligible apprentices after they complete training milestones, with a range of new initiatives funded in the 2024-25 State Budget to support and grow the construction workforce and get homes built sooner.

Funded through the Construction Training Fund (CTF), the $21.2 million Apprenticeship Support Package expands on the existing successful Apprentice Completion Grant program, which has issued more than 1,000 completion payments since it was announced in 2023-24.

The first $1000 annual milestone payments will be available for eligible apprentices to claim from January 1, 2025, with claims able to be made up to 12 months after completion.

A $16m boost to the Government’s Apprentice Tool Allowance will mean eligible apprentices are entitled to a $1000 rebate to help them purchase tools or safety equipment at both commencement and completion of their training.

In recognition of the costs associated with employing and training an apprentice, $26m has been allocated through the 2024-25 State Budget to provide additional support to employers in the building and construction industry.

Eligible employers of three to four-year apprentices will receive a base grant of $15,000, up from $12,000 previously. Employers of 18 to 24-month apprentices will receive a base grant of $12,500, up from $10,000.

Bonus rates for employing a female or mature-aged apprentice or trainee will also be doubled from 20 per cent to 40 per cent, to help improve diversity in building and construction and address skills shortages by tapping into traditionally underutilised areas of the workforce.

A further $5 million has been allocated to CTF’s Capital Grants Program for private registered training organisations (RTO) to upgrade facilities and equipment to expand their construction training capacity.

The State Government is also continuing its investment of $470,00 to provide regional building and construction apprentices with an increased travel and accommodation allowance to assist with transport and accommodation costs incurred if required to travel more than 70 kilometres from home as part of off-the-job training.

These initiatives build on a recent $21.5 million expansion of the Group Training Organisation Wage Subsidy Program, which offers generous subsidies for employers to help cover the average estimated award wage of full-time apprentices in the building and construction industry.

For more information: Premier/Minister Announcement – Construction Training Fund (



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