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What do all the great concepts behind our modern day engineering success stories, share in common?

The answer is “Innovative Thinking”.

There’s a famous quote that says “Find a need and fill it”, that is exactly what Brisbane based manufacturing and equipment hire company “Jonker’s” have done with regards to the mobile lighting tower market.

Their comprehensive range of portable lighting solutions have been designed and manufactured to meet the needs of every site, and the demands of every application. With the ability to illuminate up to 40,000 watts of lighting power, at a height of up to 24m high, Jonkers range of track mounted or four wheel drive lighting solutions put out as much as 5 times that of a conventional lighting tower.

As you can see, they start out with one of many varying mobile cranes or telescopic handlers which are used for mobility. Modifications are then made to the boom and tool carrying structure to accommodate the lights and wiring and a diesel powered generator is mounted to the machine to produce the required electrical power. The light mounting configuration is specifically designed for use atop a high wall, facing down into the work area. This eliminates the need for multiple lighting towers on the work floor, minimises shadows and removes the need for the associated unnecessary light vehicle movements around the work area.

For added versatility, the product line now includes wireless remote control and tow-behind skid mounted units enabling further options with regards to transportation and mobility. Generator specifications run as high as 55 kVa on the larger units, utilising only approx… 60% of their capacity. The mast can be erected and lighting positioned without the need for manual handling, thus dramatically reducing the risk of injury. To agree they are just “set & forget”, thanks to a 360 litre fuel tank enabling up to 30 hours of continuous operation. Compliance is no issue either with all units prepared in full mine compliant specification.

An idea as good as this was sure to be a success, testimony of this is the fact that they now have as many as 60 units working across Australia. The team at Jonker’s were quick to take out worldwide patents on their concept, effectively becoming the leading supplier of portable lighting solutions in the country, overnight.     

Clients with the foresight to have used Jonker’s lighting towers include Steve Peters, a coal mining superintendent from the Bowen Basin. Steve had the following to say about his experience with Jonker’s and their products.

“I chose to deal with Jonker Plant Hire because of the enthusiasm and professionalism of their company representatives, and their focus on meeting the clients’ needs. The best thing about dealing with them is the very prompt action to implement any improvements, and the great maintenance support”.

“Steve added “When we were looking at mobile lighting plant options for in-pit and stockpile lighting at a major coal Mine, Jonker’s had to manufacture and deliver them in a short timeframe; they gave us a schedule and supplied according to schedule”.

When asked for some feedback on the lighting plants themselves, Steve commented “Jonker’s have made a significant contribution in relation to our operators’ acceptance and preference of the Jonker lighting plants due to their superior delivery over our previous mobile lighting plants. Any and all dealings through Jonker’s have been very positive. The operators on site have positive feedback on all Jonker Lights over the previous lighting plants that were supplied by other suppliers”.

It appears that Jonker’s innovation has really paid off, with their investment returning them a dominant force in a niche market. For enquiries regarding their lighting towers or other equipment needs, check out Jonker’s at          


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