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$120m Adelaide civil works contract awarded

Majors Road Interchange Project concept artwork

The South Australian government has awarded a contract for the $120 million Majors Road Interchange Project to Acciona.

The project is expected to present multiple local employment and procurement opportunities, with Acciona committing to allocating at least 90 per cent of the total working hours to South Australians. This will include an estimated 245 full-time-equivalent jobs per year throughout the construction period.

As part of this commitment, approximately 10 per cent of the workforce will consist of apprentices and trainees; 12 per cent will be comprised of Aboriginal employees; and 4 per cent will be individuals facing barriers to employment or long term unemployment. To complement this, the project includes a local industry participation target of 95 per cent.

Image: Acciona.

“Acciona are proud to have been awarded this exciting new infrastructure development for the local community,” said Sean Bonham, Acciona’s Executive General Manager for the Southwest region, “and in doing so not only enable smoother and safer traffic flows but also leave a lasting and positive conservation legacy.”

Jointly funded by the Federal and South Australian governments, the Majors Road Interchange Project – to be delivered on behalf of the Department for Infrastructure and Transport – will aim to provide commuters in Adelaide’s southern suburbs with better access to the Southern Expressway.

The project benefits will also extend to the surrounding environment through a collaboration with the Friends of Glenthorne National Park, a local volunteer group, to improve environmental outcomes for Glenthorne National Park – Ityamaiitpinna Yarta – both during and after the construction of the interchange.

Danny Parkinson, Acciona’s Regional Manager for South Australia, said being awarded the project would enable Acciona to continue contributing to the enhancement of the lives of people in South Australia.

“We have a strong relationship with South Australia which enables us to bring our local team’s expertise to the project, and we will continue to partner with service providers to engage local people to execute the work,” he said.

In Australia, Acciona is built on the legacies of locally owned companies who have delivered innovative and sustainable transport, renewable energy and water projects across Australia for more than 100 years. The business’ relationship with South Australia extends back to projects such as the Adelaide Desalination Plant, the Northern Connector Project, the Gawler Rail Electrification Project, and the construction of the Southern Expressway Duplication.

Acciona will aim to combine local knowledge with global expertise to bring an innovative perspective to the development of the Majors Road Interchange Project. including sustainable design solutions such as minimising concrete use by reducing retaining walls, decreasing underground concrete stormwater, and shortening ramp lengths and bridge girders.

Major construction on the Majors Road Interchange Project is expected to begin in the last quarter of 2023 and final project completion is expected at the end of 2025.

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